Slasher Girl: Model Liza Berggren Reveals Her Other Talents

Slasher Girl will be sharing their fave girls at the forefront of balancing multiple talents with us!

Last week at Slasher Girl, we invited Wilhelmina Miami model, Liza Berggren, to hang out at Slasher Girl HQ and take photos featuring a few of the new fall arrivals. Getting to know Liza, we discovered her Slasher Girl qualities and knew we had to share this talented beauty with you all.

Slashes: Model/Painter


What are you passions?
My big passion in life is and always has been art! Art and Beauty. I just love everything beautiful in life. To create something beautiful out of nothing or create something beautiful out of something dark, something ‘ugly’…thats just amazing and what I love to do. Apart from art, I have a big passion for animals, especially horses and horseback riding.

When did you begin to paint?
When I first used a pen I guess. My parents had to hide all pens in the house because I painted on everything, not only paper. I did my first acrylic canvas when I was four and started to draw/sketch my own comic books when I was six.

What type of art do you create?
Everything but abstract is my thing! Of everything I do, the abstract expressional pieces are my personal favorites and mean the most to me. I mostly try to create something for everybody to appreciate, but in a very abstract and unique way with lot of colours and many different layers. There is least one message hidden in every painting I do, whether you are able to find it or not is up to you!


What are your goals?
To be honest, I don’t really have any special goals in my life right not. It might sound crazy but it’s true. I do what I can do, the best way I can, and fully embrace whatever happens as a result of that. I have big dreams, though.

What are your favorite fashion brands?
I have so many. I love Dior because it has everything for every kind of style. Dsquared has some really nice clothes that fits my body and style perfectly. The swedish brand ACNE is another big favorite.

You are from Sweden, but are currently living in Miami. Can you describe your home country for us?
Sweden is the fifth largest country by area in Europe yetl the population is very low. Which can make it feel little ‘scary’ and abandoned for those who are not used to it. But I love the emptiness and the big unique beautiful nature. Its amazing 🙂 Sweden maintains a Nordic social welfare system that provides universal health care and tertiary education for its citizens. It’s a relief that we do not have to pay for our school or health care. Taxes are extremely high, though. There are so many differences between Sweden and Miami you can almost not even compare. Both has their good and bad sides. But deep inside I feel very blessed and safe that I belong to such a safe country like Sweden.

What are you looking forward to doing by the end of 2014?
Art basel and perhaps getting my first real studio. I am booked for a very special job shooting at the end of the year, so I am definitely looking forward to that.

Who are your role models?
My number one role model is Jesus (yup, its true). If I have to choose someone that actually lives on the planet today it’s my little brother, Olle.

What is your spirit animal?
A bird…or a very young puppy.


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