Skyler Cocco Is Turning up the Heat With Her Newest Music Video

Hailing from New York and now based in Los Angeles, Skyler Cocco is an indie pop artist, songwriter, producer, and multi-instrumentalist. With over a decade of experience in writing and production, she has honed her craft to perfection. During the quarantine period, she unleashed her musical prowess with the release of “The Drive,” a captivating single that quickly amassed over 400,000 streams across various platforms.

Fueling her artistic journey with boundless creativity, Skyler has meticulously crafted her signature sound, blending cinematic elements with her distinctive aesthetic. As she embarked on the creation of her highly anticipated debut EP, titled Crossroads, she fearlessly embraced her true self by publicly coming out as bisexual. Today, however, we’re taking a look at Skyler’s newest single (and its music video), and this one feels like it’s going to be a huge hit.


“Hot Like Summer”  is a sexy, romantic, and upbeat track that describes the intense chemistry between two people who met unexpectedly. The lyrics convey a sense of excitement and desire, as Skyler expresses a strong desire to know, hold, and taste her lover. The song draws inspiration from the hot and sultry summers of the West Coast, with references to heat waves, cold sheets, and “diamond glitter” which could be anything from the glistening sweat to the shimmering waves of the Pacific reflecting the sun at its height, the music video makes sure to capture this in an even more poetic fashion by slowly revealing Skyler’s lethal curves all clothed in those same glittering diamonds she sings about

The song also features some interesting imagery, such as “Made dirty movies on your ring / in the backyard” which adds to its cinematic quality; the music video makes sure to play off this line with suggestive (but very tasteful) shots of Skyler dancing with her lover.

Most of the video is shot in the dark with a sort of spotlight onto Skyler and her lover, this aids a sense of intimacy that somehow manages to border on the confessional, as if Skyler was literally “shining a spotlight” on this racy and intense aspect of her life.

Skyler Cocco’s musical odyssey is a testament to her unwavering dedication and undeniable talent. With each release, she continues to captivate audiences with her infectious melodies and introspective lyrics, solidifying her position as an emerging force in the indie pop scene. “Hot Like Summer” feels a lot more than just an addition to her growing repertoire, both the quality of the video and the song itself do a lot to persuade you that you’re indeed watching a truly brilliant artist who is effortlessly shining bright and has her mind set on reaching true stardom.

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