Single Review: Ari Mediratta’s latest single ‘Tragic’ is a sublime slice of pop-rock. 

On ‘Tragic,’ 18-year-old star Ari Mediratta opts for stadium-sized pop-rock ballads, allowing his enigmatic voice to shine.

Kenyan-born singer Ari Mediratta has released his new single ‘Tragic,’ continuing his meteoric rise in the pop world. 

Having dedicated himself to music from a young age, Ari’s teenage years saw him hone in a distinctive pop-rock style. Even as a youngster, he succeeded in Nairobi before he relocated to the UK at 13 to attend school. Even as he was studying, Ari began to receive attention for his music, which led to him working with like-minded artists, producers, and songwriters who helped him on his road to stardom. 

Things started in 2021 when Ari contacted Nashville-based Rick Barker, who runs the Music Industry Blueprint. Through Rick, Ari met producer and singer/songwriter Leland Grant and vocal coach Sean Michael Murray. These figures played a major role in helping Ari release his debut single – the highly successful ‘YOU’ – and his debut EP. 

Tragic’ marks the latest exciting chapter in Ari’s still-young career. The song is an excellently constructed pop-rock ballad, shot through with just the right amount of emotion. What strikes you about this song is how well Ari can pull off playing the sad boy crooner and the raw, gritty vocalist. He may only be 18, but there’s something special about his voice. 

We’re excited to hear a lot more from him. 

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