Single in 2014? 4 Reasons Why Single Ladies Have The Best Life

I know, everyone is getting married and you’re not. People constantly ask you, “Are you seeing someone?” and you constantly have to answer, “No”. It really does suck, but there are a million worse things so don’t cry too much about it. There are many benefits to single life, and I’m not writing this to make myself feel better about being single (although that’s also exactly why I’m writing this.) But there are actual legitimate advantages to being single, there might not be many, but there are some and that’s what’s important.

Men Suck/Women Suck

Whatever your sexual orientation, often the person you’re dating gets on your nerves either sometimes or all the time. Either way it’s good to comfort yourself that you’re not being annoyed by someone you have an emotional obligation to.

Finding Yourself

I don’t think anyone can really define exactly what this popular phrase means but you can definitely do a better job of working out what it actually is on your own. I am a strong believer that being ok with being by yourself is very important to your human development. That’s not to say that people in relationships cannot achieve this, but if you are not in one it forces you to deal with yourself way more.

Casual Sex

This is definitely not for everyone, but this is more about the option. You can have sex with whoever you want and there are no repercussions…well that’s not true at all but lets pretend for a second. Women should feel like they can be as promiscuous or as frigid as they like and not feel ashamed, just do what you’re comfortable with. Not having a responsibility to another can encourage an exploration of your sexuality, which sounds a little cheesy, but it’s not if it ultimately makes you happier.

Be Completely Selfish

Basically all the points above basically point to this conclusion: you can “do you” all the time. Everything can be about you all the time. Focus on you sistah, everythings about you you you you you, reach for the sky, achieve those dreams, never give up…and so forth.




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