Sexiest Pretty Little Liars’ Photo Shoots

We have always known that the girls of Pretty Little Liars are well, pretty. But it wasn’t until recently that we started to realize that they were also super hot! Lately a slew of provocative magazine spreads have been reminding us that these ladies are all grown up looking fabulously seductive. Here are some of the sexiest Pretty Little Liars magazine photos that we have found.

Lucy Hale for Cosmo
Lucy covered the September 2012 issue of Cosmopolitan back when the show was still relatively new and the girls were still young and, well, not quite innocent, at least as far as their characters went. But Lucy showed early on that these ladies had the sex appeal and confidence needed to pull of those looks- and their feisty on screen characters!lucy_hale_cosmo_omg_zOtJNGH.sized

Trojan Bellisario for GQ
Trojan is an outspoken feminist who never does anything more or less than exactly what she wants to do. But we must admit, it was nice to see her let down her hair a little for the super sexy June issue of GQ.2135_1400780089

Ashley Benson for Complex
Ashley is the self proclaimed prankster of the set and one of the original sex bombs of the cast. After seeing her in Spring Breaker last year, we knew that Ashley would always be bringing the heat. ashley-benson-complex-june-issue-twitter-complex

Shay Mitchell for Galore
We loved having Shay as our Covergirl this month- and can we just say that she absolutely rocked the set? Check out her full spread on the site and in the new issue out now!tumblr_n70sx3diuW1t11qnoo1_500

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