Selena Gomez Is Making Her Own TV Show About a Real Life Teen

Ex-Disney Channel star Selena Gomez is now working behind the scenes as a producer for a new show about a young Latina girl growing up in a Los Angeles.

The series, which is actually based on the life of Ana Cobarrubias, an 18-year-old Los Angeles native, is getting hyped as a “Latina Empire,” Deadline reports. Television producer Aaron Kaplan (who’s also currently working on a Freeform show with Nicki Minaj) saw the high school senior speak on her generation and community at the Zimmer Children’s Museum Discovery Awards dinner last year, and was so blown away that he pitched the series to Freeform.

Here’s some of the wisdom she dropped during her speech:

“I will graduate high school in the Spring and I plan to pursue my studies in cinematic arts where I will use my studies and my passion for change to create films to explore what really happens in low-income neighborhoods and who we really are. When I see me? I know I’m not a ticking time bomb. I know I’m more than the general expectations of dropping out of school, getting pregnant, going to jail. I see a strong, confident person who is more than the expectations others have of me.”

Ana is set to consult for the show, so hopefully she’s already on her way. See the rest of the video of her original speech here.

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