Selena Gomez Is Turning Her Life Into A Lifetime Original Series

Well, it’s official. Selena Gomez is living out your middle-aged mother‘s fantasy and getting her very own Lifetime Original Series.

On Wednesday night, according to Deadline, Lifetime announced they were developing the  yet-to-be-titled series, which will follow a young, possibly Barney-aged but more probably Wizards of Waverly Place-era Gomez as she figures out how to be famous with a little help from her non-Hollywood friends.  

Basically, it sounds like a PG-version of Entourage, and because it’s on Lifetime it’s going to be a drama instead of a comedy.

Obviously, we’re rooting for Selena’s series to be a hit, mostly because if the show runs long enough we may just get to see baby Selena and baby Justin fall in and out of love again in full blown soap opera style.  

Luckily for Selena/all of us, Lifetime has a pretty good track record with celebrity-themed content. In 2012 they released Liz and Dick, a film starring Lindsay Lohan about the turbulent romance between Elizabeth Taylor and Richard Burton, which brought in 3.5 million viewers. Additionally, last year Wendy Williams produced the biographical film Aaliyah: The Princess of R&B, which drew 3.2 million views.

Both films were critically panned, but hey, at least people turned in to watch.

Really, the only bad news for fans is that Selena won’t be acting in her series, although honestly that’s probably a good move for her. No actor can say their career is in a good place once they’ve stared in something that’s aired on Lifetime. 

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