Seaweed jerky snacks + 5 more things I obsessed over this month

As a wise woman named Megan Thee Stallion once said, “we outside!” And, if you’ve gotten vaccinated, you’re probably ready to finally be outside this summer. This also means that you’re probably trying to buy a whole new wardrobe that doesn’t involve sweatpants, some new makeup for glam looks that will be seen IRL and not just on IG, etc.

Personally, the warm weather and taste of freedom has me wanting to wear pastels and light colors, eat healthy AF foods, and get as much sun as possible. Here are my faves from the month of May.

1. A denim bucket hat that’s as versatile as your fave jean jacket


Hat Attack Washed Cotton Bucket, $55 

I started wearing hats for the first time a few years ago, and it changed my life. As someone with unruly, thin, wavy hair, wearing a hat is the perfect solution to: scalp sunburn, non-uniform curls/waves, greasy scalp in between wash days, and for hiding the clips and/or wires of extensions when you don’t have time to do them perfectly.

Needless to say, I’ve been experimenting with hats and all kinds of headwear lately, and this Hat Attack cotton bucket hat has become a go-to. The denim fabric means that it basically goes with everything—especially pastel summer outfits. And the cotton fabric means that it doesn’t make my head too hot. This bucket hat in particular is a bit more close-cropped to the face, so it’s a little more casual and subtle than those giant furry bucket hats you see on TikTok. 


2. The perfectly flattering workout set for work-outs or lounge-ins


The Luna tights ($88) and sports bra ($48) in “Heather Black” 

I know, I know, you probably don’t need anymore active wear or loungewear after the year we’ve had, but I wouldn’t recommend this if I didn’t think you needed it. I have far too many activewear sets at this point, but this Hylete set is so flattering and classic that I got rid of another set to make room for this one. 

The fabric is reminiscent of those bandage dresses that made us all look so good in the 00’s (re: compression but still comfy), and the v-neck sports bra is always the most flattering on me as someone with decently sized boobs. Also, since it’s grey, it doesn’t stand out too much and you can wear it over and over again without people calling you an outfit repeater. 


3. Seaweed jerky for a savory, vegan snack

AKUA Kelp Jerky, $29.99 for a pack of 4

I can’t be the only plant-based person who misses grabbing a slice of deli meat out of the fridge as a savory snack, can I? Sometimes I just want a super savory, meat-y snack instead of a handful of almonds or a bowl of fruit. I realize I could snack on vegan deli meat, but most of that stuff doesn’t feel very healthy to me. 

Enter AKUA kelp jerky: a jerky-like snack made from kelp. Think the flavor of dried seaweed with the texture of turkey jerky. I haven’t tried all the flavors yet, but I love the sesame one so far (although be warned: they are a little messy due to the seasoning). 


4. A makeup collab with everything you need for a natural summer glam

Il Makiage x Carli Bybel, $149 for the full collection (7 pieces)

Whether you’re having a hot girl summer, a vax girl summer, or a slightly-agoraphobic girl summer—warmer weather tends to mean more natural makeup looks. But, that doesn’t mean you have to give up your glam. Carli Bybel’s new collection with Il Makiage (her second collab with them), has all the ingredients for the perfect summer glam look—from nude lipstick and liners to luxe contour brushes to a face shaping palette. The packaging is super dreamy, complete with magnetic closures and starry packaging to make you feel like a star-studded baddie.


5. The perfect summer dress that’s right on trend for everyone’s new favorite color


Nalía Swim Tulum Backless Mini Dress, $79.99 (photo by @danielkellyfilm)

Does anyone else feel like that new Nicki Minaj track “Seeing Green” is a nod to the hottest color of the summer? Whether it’s mint, jade, or highlighter green—I feel like this shade is everywhere this spring. Nalía Swim has the summer goods you need to fit the Shrek-inspired trend. This backless dress is certainly a show-stopper and unlike anything you currently have in your closet.


6. Chunky throwback sneakers to go with all your warm-weather pastel ‘fits

Juicy Couture Deluxe Lace-Up Sneakers, $39.99

The cool thing about being an “adult” is getting to dress the way you wanted when you were a kid. Or, in this case, a pre-teen who wanted to wear head-to-toe Juicy Couture. Except back in 2007, they didn’t have Juicy Couture footwear (at least, not that I recall). Now, in 2021, they do! The best part? These pastel dream dad shoes are only $39.99 at Forever 21—which in 2007 would’ve got you like, one charm for your Juicy Couture charm bracelet.


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