MCM: Scott Gardner Reveals His Biggest Turn On

It’s getting hot in here, literally.

Male model Scott Gardner understands the power of appeal. After moving to Los Angeles to act, sing, and sign to Wilhelmina, he’s taking over the entertainment industry, causing girls everywhere to swoon left and right.

He’s hot, he knows it, and he’s using it to his advantage. That’s why Galore met up with Scott to get all of the advice on how to be slick and dating we could ever need.

In the Q & A below, Scott tells us his signature move and how he likes to dirty talk.

Who are you? What’s your name?

I’m Scott Gardner. I love music, dance, film, and of course, Netflix and chill.

How do you slide into the DM’s?

With a white button up and some shades.

Are you a fan of dirty talk?

Who isn’t?!

What’s the biggest mistake you’ve ever made in a relationship?

Forgetting to do the dishes.

What’s your zodiac sign?

Gemini, and I definitely live up to it.

What’s your biggest turn on in a girl?

Great teeth.

Do you ever use dating apps to find love?


What is the most romantic thing you’ve ever done for a girl?

Bought a ring once upon a time.

Do you believe in hooking up on the first date?

If I’m bored. Just kidding. No, 12 dates? I’m a prude.

What projects are you working on next?

Collaborating with some music producers. Can’t say who yet. Shooting, dancing, and living. I don’t know, I just wake up everyday and make sure I do something that’s going to make me happier tomorrow. Life is too short.

Photos by Prince + Jacob

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