Scatterbrain is Emei’s Fascinating EP Fusing West and East Pop

Chinese-American alt-pop singer/songwriter Emei is a hidden gem. With her exceptional and captivating style, she has quickly garnered a dedicated fan base over the past year. Her mesmerizing vocals, combined with her colorful and gripping lyrics, have captured my attention. But it is not just her musical prowess that sets her apart, Emei’s sharp wit and absorbing personality also shine through her music. She’s now releasing her highly anticipated EP, Scatterbrain. This seven-track EP delves into relatable themes that touch on various aspects of young adult life, such as dealing with social anxiety, ADHD, high expectations, and self-sabotage, among others.


With over a decade of stage experience under her belt, she effortlessly invites us into her world, pulling them into her mind using her hyper-relatable musings on the challenges of young adulthood. However, Emei’s stage presence did not develop overnight; at the young age of 15 and throughout months of grueling stadium shows, she showcased her talent and determination, ultimately securing a third place in Chinese Idol, a popular talent show. This experience laid the foundation for her future success. She eventually ventured into releasing her own music on Chinese platforms. Her talents soon caught the attention of the producers of Dancing with the Stars of China, leading to a memorable performance on the show. Thanks to all this her popularity skyrocketed. One of her first-ever headline shows in London sold out rapidly, which proved she wasn’t a one-hit wonder.

Now let’s unveil Scatterbrain, and listen to what Emei has created. The focus song of the EP, titled “711” is also the opening song and with it, we are introduced right away to her singular sound. Mixing elements from Western and Eastern pop the result is very intriguing. In terms of rhythm, it kinda reminds me of what we can find in Jpop/Kpop. Emei’s voice is just adorable, pulling me into this realm of kawainess (it is a word, trust me). Next up is the title track, “Scatterbrain,” which delves into the more traditional pop we usually hear on the top charts. That doesn’t mean it is generic, far from it! Emei still managed to sprinkle her special touch into it. The melody is very catchy. It will find a nice home in your head if you let it. With “Irresponsible” Emei shows us she can experiment with her sound in ways impossible to imagine. Pop meets experimental and the outcome is a fun-infused chaotic anthem. In the previous song, we went more into a traditional path, here we find ourselves in the opposite. A very nice surprise for sure. “Dear Emily” is my personal favorite. Showing us the incredible range behind Emei’s voice, the song is an emotional journey, highlighting Emei’s songwriting skills. It’s a beautiful track that completely caught me off guard. “Picky” is a trippy track with ups and downs like a rollercoaster, it is full of unexpected twists and turns. The production is top-notch and the vocals are incredibly powerful. “Cynical” has a rhythm that reminds me a lot of an early Gwen Stefani who started her solo career right after No Doubt. The song is snappy and has a cool vibe. It demands your attention and deserves to be heard. Our last song is “Don’t Know About The World.” It is the strangest song on the EP and I love it. The dreamlike sound, once again highlights Emei’s beautiful voice and shows us her ability to navigate and articulate complex emotions through her tunes. Atmospheric and almost trance-like, it transports us into a dream world where anything is possible. What a spectacular way to end our adventure.

Emei is an artist on the verge of greatness, and her EP Scatterbrain is just the beginning of what promises to be an extraordinary musical journey. We can’t wait to hear what Emei has up her sleeves next. She is already making a huge impact in the industry with her flawless sound, and we are very confident that she will reach even greater heights in the foreseeable future.


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