Sazan Hendrix Keeps It Gucci

Introduce yourself!

I’m a full time lifestyle blogger slash YouTuber slash wife slash fur mama (my golden retriever Sweetie). In the lifestyle world, being married, having my dog, my house, it kind of all combines together – I’m myself for a living, a digital content creator.


So you’re a Maybelline brand ambassador?

Yeah, we just finalized everything! I’ve worked with Maybelline a couple times and they’re really fun and colorful. They approached me and said that they were looking for a couple girls for the digital ambassador side. We’re gonna be doing a bunch of events and shows throughout the year wearing different Maybelline looks – the first one was fashion week. It’s a really exciting partnership!

For the Maybelline looks, do you do your own makeup?

100%. I’m the kind of person that wants to do my own makeup. Because we’re content creators, people follow you online to see how you do your makeup; my job is to do my own everyday relatable makeup. Granted, there are times where I’ll call up my makeup artist friend. Like this past Sunday, she came over and we did the glittery lip. And that’s mostly just for the crazy, fun, bizarre, non-everyday things. It’s cool because then I get to pick up little tips and tricks and get inspiration from makeup artists.

Speaking of the glitter lip, what’s your consensus on it?

[Laughs]. It’s practical if you have a special occasion and just wanna stand out. Fierceness 100%. It screams fierce, it screams glam. When you look at a glittery lip, instantly you’re just like, woah. But like, you can’t lick your lips. I hope you don’t go eat some chicken wings, ‘cause girl, you ain’t gonna be licking your lips when you have your glitter lips on. And you’re not gonna be kissing your man either. It’s actually really great if a guy likes you and you don’t like him, he’ll know, don’t come near the lips.

And like, when you do want him to kiss you, you wear the liquid matte right? Cause that shit doesn’t smudge.

Exactly girl! Dating tips right here.


So you got your start as a blogger. What were you first blogging about?

I saw my blog as a lifestyle online magazine. I would share things that inspired me, like what was going on with the runways and how to get the look for less. I’m all about chasing style on a budget. Then I noticed people wanted to see me more involved, so I started doing tutorials, and thought about rebranding into a more personal lifestyle diary. Now it’s kind of everything, my personality.

It seems like you definitely commit to sharing your personality.

I feel like you have to, you know? Especially in our space, you can see through all the crap. Like, let’s just be real. You can see bloggers with those perfect, curated photos. I used to think that you had to do that, in that perfect outfit, at the perfect location. And truthfully, that’s not relatable. It’s an unattainable, unrealistic lifestyle. Like, we travel, and it ain’t that glamorous! Be real about it. So I just started sharing the crazy blooper side of things. My audience prefers me to be myself – the only person I know how to be is myself.

We definitely love your sense of humor. Especially with the “I’m in love with the coco” video about coconut oil, it helps people get an idea of who you are.

I came from film and television and thought I was going to be a TV host. Especially on the red carpet, they are so careful about what you can and cannot say. So when I transitioned into the digital space, I still was like, ok if I’m gonna talk about something, I have to act professional. But with the “I’m in love with the coco” video, it got so many hits because it was just real. The digital space allows you to do that, and I love that.

We love pop culture references and being unfiltered.

For me it’s kind of the same! I do my own thing and try not to curate myself too much.


Here’s a challenge. We know you can get ready for a date in 15 minutes – how would you do your hair and makeup if you snoozed before work and only had 5 minutes to get ready?

100% the top knot. I’m sorry, but I love it. If you have naturally straight hair, just throw it up and let some pieces of hair out. If you have Mufasa mane like me, like a lion, I would recommend doing a braid on the side and pulling it apart to make it kind of messy. Or maybe the half up half down top knot, Ariana Grande style, that would be cute too. As for the face — okay, so you can’t contour, honey. We ain’t got time for that. You just have to have a really amazing BB cream. Grab a tinted moisturizer with SPF so you’ll have that natural glow, a little mascara, and a just subtle lip, like a lip gloss.

What’s the next beauty look you’re thinking of trying?

I might end up looking like a greasy mess, but I really wanna try the glossy look, it’s really in right now. Glossy eyelids, glossy cheekbones, and a high shine glossy lip. I don’t know if I would do it all at the same time, but I want to try that out to see how it would look – that kind of wet look, but very dewy and young.

Do you have a fall look you’re excited to go for?
The vamp. The dark lip, maybe a darker eye. I haven’t done a really smoky eye in a long time, so I’m looking forward to that. Less is more, but still bold.

Any beauty secrets?

Coconut oil really is a great beauty tip — we don’t think about it, but our kitchen has so many products that we can use on our hair and skin, from making our own masks to putting a little coconut oil on the ends of your hair right before you go to bed. Give your eyebrows some love and put a little coconut oil on there, your eyelashes too. It helps thicken them. My husband always gets mad cause he’s like “we’re cooking with that! Get your fingers out of there!”

What are your upcoming projects?

Lots of fun and exciting projects are in the works – but I can’t really say what just yet. But I know my followers are going to appreciate it because it’s something everyone can enjoy. Stay tuned!!



Interview & Photos by Maddie Cordoba

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