Punk Rock Princess Samia Finnerty on Her LA & NY Inspo

Currently based in NYC, Samia Finnerty is an insanely talented chick.

She performed March 9 at The Cutting Room, where, backed by her band (consisting of Zach Tabori, Billy Cave, and Blu Detiger) Samia sang, danced, and ultimately collapsed into a tiny pile onstage, with each audience member transfixed by her every move.

Galore checked in with Samia in the fall of 2014, but a lot has happened in the life of this “teen queen” since then.

Born and raised?


NYC or LA?

I have no idea. LA is home and nostalgic comfort. It’s open spaces and car rides. Everything is planned. It’s truly impossible to plan a day in New York. I can outline one at best, but its not up to me; things just happen TO you here. Its beautiful but its a whirlwind and exhausting.

What are your favorite books/websites/things to read?

Shoot! I only ever listen to albums and watch Broad City. I guess I’m reading “Me Talk Pretty One Day” by David Sedaris.

Favorite thing to do in the city?

I see a lot of shows and spend a lot of time hanging around the MUD [coffee shop] on 9th and 2nd. Soon as it’s warm I’ll start going to the South Street Seaport again. They show movies there in the summer and it’s beautiful. I really just like playing shows more than anything else. I was explaining to my friend Billy the other day that I’m totally socially capable if I’m PLAYING the party but as soon as I’m expected to exist within the party I start picturing all the ridiculously inappropriate things I could do in the setting and I have to leave.

What’s the best thing that’s happened so far in 2016?

I met Dave Grohl on the street and ferociously begged him to come to this tiny gig we had coming up. He was so fucking cordial about it he said he totally would if he wasn’t going to Mexico for his birthday. Almost bought a ticket to Mexico. Also have just done a lot of sitting in my room listening to Josh Tillman preach and that certainly fills a void. And just that I’ve gotten to connect with so many incredible people, especially the ones I didn’t expect to know the way I do now.

And what’s to come this year? Any big projects/events coming up you’re excited for?

Gonna keep playing shows and recording this EP. We’re making videos for all of the tunes and collaborating with some brilliant directors/actors/visual artists. My friend Barnyard Ben has a bus driver’s license so I’m hoping we’ll be able to expand our horizons this summer.

Top 3 favorite albums?


I Love You, Honeybear – Father John Misty
Back to Black – Amy Winehouse
Hunky Dory – David Bowie

Where do you draw influence from for music & life in general?

Talking to the people who inspire me and watching interviews, recently. Gotta understand the motivation and intention behind all the art with which I feel connected. Listening to my friends talk about their favorite albums and pick them apart in our stale dorms in the middle of the night. Dancing and flailing for no one in particular at a sad Ukranian restaurant faux-prom. Being self-indulgent and distressed and in love with everyone all at once.

What’s your favorite song you’ve ever written?

We play one called Sex Sex Conversation and another called Hibbity Dibbity Dream and they’re the most exciting for me to perform, but lyrically I think my best is this folk tune called Paris that I wrote this summer. It’d better be with the ludicrous amount of time I spent wordsmith-vomiting all over it.

Twitter: lilmisssamia

Instagram: lilmisssamia

Facebook: SAMIA

Soundcloud: svmiv


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