Sam Short makes a brand new “Masterpiece”

To say that Sam Short is having a Meteoric rise could be taken by some to be a bit of an understatement. She *blew up* onto the music scene in 2022 with her debut single “Already Mine”, which became an overnight viral hit with countless millions of plays and remixes. The Oregon-bred, LA-based singer-songwriter may not have expected to rise like foam so quickly, but she’s certainly living up to the demands of the spotlight by continuing to work diligently in making music that’s genuine, raw and catchy, so much so that she would next score another viral moment with the release of the sultry body-positive anthem “Naked”.

Watch the video here!

Not everything has to go viral, but so long as everything is truly hers, it’ll no doubt work out to solidify her as the growing pop star on her way to becoming a true contemporary Icon. But is Sam Short’s newest release a step in the right direction for her? 

Perhaps aptly titled “masterpiece”, might very well be Sam’s best work to date. The song opens up on a deep-hitting beat and a string section that gracefully lulls you into the alluring, velvet touch of Sam’s vocal performance. As the track develops, you’ll notice Baroque Pop influences commingled with equally luxurious Down-tempo Electro Pop. 

Sam doesn’t make too much of a fuzz about it, but she *is* a living example of empowerment, as “Masterpiece” boasts an all-female team behind its creation. The track was produced and written by Sam and her friend and co-writer Liza Kaye in a college bedroom.

Proving herself to be a bit of an acerbic writer, Sam didn’t title the song after any real magnum opus. The song more or less describes her very first romantic relationship, which she calls “equal parts beautiful and toxic”. The song is then more about the euphoric, confusing, and reckless state of being so in love your sort of delude yourself into embracing whatever untenable mess you’re in. 

“By the end of the song, a harsh reality is revealed: the relationship will always be an endless cycle of poison and cure – and I’m partially to blame.” – Sam Short

The music video is a bit of a gem too, and it explores a darker side of Sam that we’ve not seen yet, but that seems to suit her just fine. There’s a bit of a gothic slant to the visuals, in which we get to see a completely empty mid-century house inhabited only by what I can only envision as the two tragic ghosts of a dead couple, bound in death to relieve the ups and downs of their tumultuous relationship in the place where they met their end. Sam on the one hand is wearing a white bridal gown representing perhaps the illusions she once held, while her nearly faceless companion is dressed all in plain black clothes, more like a thug than anything, perhaps a fitting representation of someone described “‘sick, sick freak,’ a ‘mindless flight risk’.

 “Masterpiece” comes preparing the ground for Sam’s upcoming debut EP, which should be out a little later this year.

Press Photos by Callum Walker Hutchinson

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