SAGEALINA Exudes Sensuality with Single “Beautiful Stranger”

Singer-songwriter SAGEALINA, of Brazilian origin, but based in Los Angeles, exudes sensuality in her latest single “Beautiful Stranger”, with a disco atmosphere, provocative and stylistically melodic. 

From the first verse, “Beautiful Stranger” draws you into her captivating and vibrant musical experience that showcases SAGEALINA’s dedication to her craft and her commitment to spreading love and diversity through music.


Fresh off the success of her summer EP, “Girl Crush,” SAGEALINA keeps the party alive with visuals for “Beautiful Stranger.” The song itself is a standout track on the EP and tells a beautiful story about falling in love with a stranger and transcending the boundaries of gender, sexuality, and race. The music video perfectly encapsulates this narrative as we see SAGEALINA fall in love with a stranger on the dance floor.

SAGEALINA is an artist who fearlessly explores new territories while staying rooted in the essence of her unique brand. Her music resonates with emotions and experiences that connect with listeners from different eras, making her art truly timeless.

Her collaboration with her manager and her brother has unleashed the true power of SAGEALINA, allowing her to shine on the pop music landscape.

“Beautiful Stranger” is a song that resonates on multiple levels, offering a compelling narrative, a catchy melody, and a powerful message.

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