Ryan Gosling Joins Hot Celebrity Dads Club, Who Else Is In the Club?

Girls everywhere are crying over Gosling and this time it has nothing to do with The Notebook…Ryan Gosling is going to be a daddy. The internet went haywire when it was announced that Ryan Gosling and Eva Mendes are expecting a child together. Chances of getting with the brooding actor were slim but hope was alive. Listen, fatherhood isn’t a death sentence nor does it mean that Gosling will be locked down forever. Look on the bright side, Gosling will now join an even more elite celebrity circle…hot celeb daddy club. Take a look at some other smokin’ fathers:


by: Shannon Kurlander

Orlando Bloom: Single Dad
Orlando Bloom and Miranda Kerr, perfect human specimens, made a baby and even that didn’t work out. See…there’s hope.orlando

Robert Downey Jr.: New Daddy (Again)
Robert Downey Jr. announced yesterday that he and wife Susan Downey will be expecting a baby girl. While this will be the third child for RDJ, this will be his first little girl.
robert downey baby

David Beckham: The Ultimate Hot Dad
Beckham sets the standard for which all fatherhood hotness is measured.
David Beckham hotttt

Chris Hemsworth: Hot Aussie Dad
Our favorite blue-eyed Hemsworth is a dad to three. He and wife Elsa Patakay welcomed twin sons to their family earlier this year.
Chris Hemsworth Loves His Baby Girl

Scott Disick: Reality Star Dad
Fatherhood was the best thing to ever happen to Disick. E! reality star, father to Penelope and Mason, shaped up his act but kept his fantastic Lord Disick shtick.

Hugh Jackman: Superhero Dad
What other dads look like this at their family beach playdate?
Screen Shot 2014-07-10 at 10.36.59 AM

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