Rupaul’s Drag Race’s Adore Delano: On Loving “Twinks with Big Butts”

If you’re raging Rupaul Drag Race fans like us, then of course you wouldn’t have missed the AMAZING Adore Delano, who was a runner up in this seasons show. We recently caught up with Adore over the phone where she dished on the show, her sex life, and some secret tips on avoiding the “hog body” (hint: it involves duct tape!).

Photos: Austin Young

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We loved the DTF video, why a laundromat setting?
Because they are so sexy, I mean the way people wash their clothes.

Have you had sex in laundromat before?

What’s the craziest place you’ve had sex?
I’m kind of boring. ACTUALLY I was doing this show with a lot of girls once, and while they were finishing I had sex in bathroom while everyone was getting ready, this guy opened the stall and we did it.

Congratulations on Rupaul’s Drag Race, what was the best part
The exposure, I needed to boost my music career. Also perfecting my craft. The whole experience was awesome.

Did you feel you should of won?
I mean yes and no, we all deserved to win for different reasons. Bianca’s brilliant. I have an amazing album coming out, so I’m grateful.

Are you and Laganja Estranja friends? Have you smoked weed with her and made up?
We’ve made up. We’re not best friend but were cordial and respect each other. But, I don’t smoke weed.

5 ways to not have a “hog body” this summer:
Duct tape, duct tape, corset, duct tape, and eating salad.

What is your favorite Anna Nicole Smith quote?
“Fast cars, fast boys & fast food.”

Jessica Rabbit, Anna Nicole or Britney Spears?
Ana Nicole, are you crazy?

What kind of boys turn you on?
Twinks with big butts.

Will you be touring?
Touring the world actually, my first concert is in NY.

What’s coming up with your music?
Filming a new music video, filming a bunch of videos and eventually I want to get signed. Everyday is a new chapter. AND I’m writing a new book!

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