Rue’s New Video Has Chill Vibes & a Kickass Girl Squad

Rue’s music has the most chill vibes, and her style is so sick. Her new single, “Clouds” has a simple hip hop beat with the perfect mix of chill syncopated vocal melodies to get trapped in your head for days.

Rue tells us that the song is about the cycle of relationships, about “people getting attached, thinking they can handle the attachment and realizing they don’t know how to, which leads to missed calls, texts and general confusion, which leads to people getting hurt. People just start ignoring each other because of pride, but they do actually care about the person. Some people call them “f*ckboys”, I call it life.” Sounds familiar, eh?

In this badass video, which Rue says was inspired by Harmony Korine’s “Spring Breakers” meets “Anime Princess” vibes — it shows what it’s like to be hung up on a guy, but have your fly-looking girl squad by your side. Rue says of the vid, “I decided to show what it looks like to embrace yourself and your power instead of let someone drain you of it.”

The video was a labor of love, including Rue’s real life friends Sydney and Riot, produced and shot by BYBRZY, and clothing by her good friends and kick ass designers, Adriana Sahar and Julie of Left Hand LA.

Check the video out below.

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