Ruby Rose Reveals Her Badass Beauty Secrets

Ruby Rose knows a bit about makeup.

Incase you missed it, your favorite former Litchfield Penitentiary inmate recently landed a beauty contract with Urban Decay. And that makes sense, because it’s hard to deny that the Orange Is the New Black star is super hot — with a sexy Australian accent, piercing blue eyes, and bold brows to boot.

The androgynous DJ and actress recently posed for our “Ultimate Girl Crush” issue, and during her photoshoot we sat down with the badass bombshell to find out some of her biggest, boldest beauty tips. Here’s what she had to say:

What’s your favorite beauty product for festival season?

Sunblock! I’m not about the sun hitting my face. I’m not about wrinkles or cancer, so I’m definitely all about sunblock.

What about makeup wise?

I don’t really like to wear stacks of makeup. I like to keep it simple. I’d actually never even bother around my mouth for a festival. I mean aside from keeping it moisturized, but at a festival, the last thing I want to think about is having to apply more lipstick. That being said, I would be all about the eyes and the eyebrows. I’m like an eyebrow fanatic.

Do you use any specific products on your brows?

Yes! I use Urban Decay Brow Beater — it’s like my favorite thing in the entire world.

Are you a fan of contouring?

I’m actually really into contouring because I like the androgynous cheekbone look. I use foundation, which is something I learned from my makeup artist. We use a couple of different foundation colors for contouring and then apply bronzer.

Do you believe in blush?

I never use blush. The few times I’ve tried to use blush… well, when makeup artists do it it looks amazing, but when I do it I just have two random dots on my face.

What’s your on-stage beauty look?

I use an Urban Decay’s Vice4 Eyeshadow Palette. I really love its packaging, and it comes with so many colors. Whenever I’m DJ-ing, I like to match my eyes to my clothing, so it’s perfect for that and looks good onstage.

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