Rocking Our World Once Again: Peyton Gilliland’s Highly Anticipated EP ‘Lipstick & Lithium’

Our girl Peyton Gilliland is back! She is the new sensation inside the rock scene, shaking the very foundation of the genre. At only 20 years old, Gilliland has already worked with some of the top producers in the music world, including Lincoln Parish, Brian Chirlo, and Mads. A finalist in both the John Lennon International Songwriting Competition and the International Songwriting Competition, Peyton’s latest project promises to deliver a lyrical punch with each guitar-drenched track. Peyton is once again ready to make herself heard.

Gilliland’s musical journey began at an early age. Growing up in a family of musicians, she developed a passion for music at a young age. Her influences span a wide range of genres, from classic rock to alternative rock. This diverse background is evident in her style, which combines elements of rock, pop, and soul to create one of the most incredible sounds you will ever hear.


She’s now releasing her long-awaited EP “Lipstick and Lithium“. Composed of 7 amazing songs, Peyton hasn’t disappointed. We start with “God Complex,” a rocking anthem that’s right up my alley! Lovely guitar riffs mixed with Peyton’s seductive voice. I have to say I was blown away by the guitar solo in the middle of the song. What a remarkable way to begin our journey. “Funeral” is one of her previously released singles and remains as exciting as ever! This was my introduction to Peyton. Like I said before her style kinda reminds me of Halestorm and Paramore. It is always nice to have more women rocking their hearts out! That’s exactly what we needed. While the previous tune holds a special place in my heart, I think the title and focus track “Lipstick & Lithium,” is the standout song and has become my new favorite song by Peyton. The amount of raw energy Peyton exudes is just astounding and her voice is incredibly powerful. The song is super catchy and it’s going to be impossible to get it out of my head. We also got a video companion piece for this tune. The video is simple but effective. It tells Peyton’s story in a surreal way. With a mix of colors that make every scene immediately pop out. The video is also filled with plenty of symbolism and Peyton’s presence is unmistakable. It’s just fascinating! 

So far we’re getting banger after banger. The heartbreaking “Love Kills” makes a comeback on the EP. With this track, Peyton tells a sad story without losing her edge. The song is emotional and raw, and Peyton’s vocals bring the story to life. It’s a powerful reminder that love can be toxic and destructive. It’s an incredible track that showcases Peyton’s talent. “Not Bothered” is our next stop. Continuing the trend of unapologetic in-your-face rock, Peyton is not having it anymore. Peyton sings with a passion and ferocity that will leave you wanting more. The song is, at least for me, very relatable. “Not Bothered” is the perfect song for anyone who is sick of being treated unfairly. Our mandatory rock ballad has arrived. With “Type,” Peyton shows us she’s not afraid to show her softer side. She sings with such passion while radiating confidence. Peyton has truly outdone herself with this one. “Devil’s Daughter” gets a reimagination and makeover. Taking the previously known single and giving it a breath of new life the song is now more dynamic. Peyton’s vocals are just as good, and the arrangement is electrifying. A great way to end the album.

“‘Lipstick and Lithium’ is my personal favorite track off of the EP. It is so fun and sassy, It’s about giving the bad guy a taste of his own medicine.  It’s about finding the guy with his chest puffed out and playing with his ego, bringing him back down to earth in a way.” Peyton explains and adds “This EP is so special to me for so many reasons. I believe it’s a collection of my best work to date and it holds so many memories with the incredible creatives that helped bring this project to life. One of those important people in the making of not only this EP but at least 80% of my catalog is Craig Wilson. My friend Craig passed away earlier this year and this EP was one of the last projects he worked on. Lipstick and Lithium was the last song we ever wrote together. We were still waiting for the masters when he passed so he never got to hear the finished product but I know he would have loved it and he would have been so proud.”

With her captivating vocals, impressive songwriting collaborations, and undeniable talent, Peyton is poised to become the future of rock. As her breathtaking EP “Lipstick & Lithium” is here, the world is waiting with anticipation to hear more from this rising star!

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