Rock Some Hard Candy With This Jaw-Breaking Collab from LA’s Finest

Christmas is almost coming and you’re dying to tear the wrappers off of each and every wrapped gift from your parents, aunties, uncles, grandparents, boyfriend, cousins and #1 homegirls. However, nothing else can spoil the mood than not being able to buy the perfect present! Take The Candy Kids and Rad + Refined‘s killer collaboration, which is exclusively sold at Dolls Kill.

As some of Los Angeles’ hottest designers, they teamed up to create the choker of your dreams: a pink patent leather Swarovski crystal-studded binky choker! Has your heart not been melted yet? It comes with a pink and white teddy bear to make the inner child in you squeal.

We chat with The Candy Kids’ Reba Massey and Rad + Refined’s Jacqueline Rezak about how they collabed, bringing back throwback trends and why it’s good to give back!

Both of you design super rad accessories! Jacqueline, as a celebrity stylist and designer/owner of Rad + Refined, what was it about Reba’s collection for The Candy Kids that caught your eye and how did this collaboration come to be?

REZAK: As a stylist, I work with a lot of designers and sometimes, certain designers and collections stand out to me. The first time I worked with The Candy Kids is when I pulled a few of pieces for Baddie Winkle. As a 90s kid myself, I felt nostalgic when I saw what was one of Rebas original collections for the TCK. We knew right away the creative chemistry was there and we would work on something together in the future.

Who or what inspires both of you as designers?

MASSEY: I’m constantly inspired by my surroundings and friendships.  I lived in Brooklyn for 13 years, where creativity thrives in the streets.  Now living in LA, I have this new connection to nature.  I love getting to experience both. I go back to NY twice a year for NYFW.

REZAK: Most of my inspiration comes from music, mood, and change in seasons. I grew up in Chicago and lived there until I moved to LA 7 years ago, so something I miss is the change in season. History and the evolution of fashion also plays a big part in my creative process.
Reba, several of the pieces in your collection feature a “binky” including your recent collaboration with Rad + Refined. How did this specific item become the centerpiece of your collection?
MASSEY: Originally the first binky choker was inspired by a plastic charm necklace I had in the 9th grade.  I always wanted to make an accessory inspired by that necklace, I loved it so much.  The baby bottle was everyone’s favorite charm, that’s why I decided to do the binky choker. Since then there’s been many variations because so many people relate to it and want it in different styles. Now the “binky” has somewhat become synonymous with The Candy Kids.
It seems as though both of your collections have a big impact on current trends. Other then the popular choker trend, what other throw back pieces can we expect to see from your future collections?
MASSEY: I’m working on some one off pieces with my boyfriend, who is my creative partner for The Candy Kids.  I’m not going to say what they are at the moment as we would like to keep it a surprise, but I will tell you it’s clothing.
REZAK: I love to bring back and alter trends from the past: you can expect to see a lot of updated vintage styles from me this summer and of course denim cut offs and sunnies!

I love how passionate you both are about donating a percentage of your profits to the Happy Hippie (HH) Foundation, what motivates you both to donate to this charity?

MASSEY: Donating to HH is something I’ve done since the beginning of The Candy Kids.  I think it’s important for a brand to have an intention and work with purpose.  I asked Jacqueline if she would be down to donate for our collab and she was. 🙂

REZAK: I have been fortunate enough to work with several charities including The Parkinsons Disease Research Society, Cystic Fibrosis Foundation (a Nightcap event with Randell Golman) and many more. Giving back is something I am always willing to do for a good cause.

Miley Cyrus, Baddie Winkle, JinJoo Lee of DNCE, and many more rad women have supported both of your lines, should we expect to see a lot of mini bling chokers on more celebrities? How about Coachella?

MASSEY: Creativity is my main focus.  If a celebrity likes it, dope!  I’m happy that everything has happened organically.  I want people to wear my stuff because they connect to it and enjoy it whether you have 20 followers or 20 million.

REZAK: There is no greater pleasure then to see people enjoying your craft, no matter who it is. I feel blessed to have such great friends who are so talented themselves wearing my collection- Coachella is always a good place to spot Rad + Refined and I feel confident our chokers will be seen this summer at festivals big and small.

I wasn’t excited about holiday fashion until I took a peek at your collab! What are a few pieces/lines you can suggest to our readers to pair with your new mini bling choker?

MASSEY: With the pink mini choker, I really like lace bodysuits and blush tone jackets and boots.  I’m really into the softer[,] more romantic delicate baby girl lines that Dolls Kill carries like Melonhopper, Dolly Bae and Motel’s Rowen Dress.  I also would suggest brands like Venomiss, Wicked Hippie, Made Me, Marina Fini, and Violette.

REZAK: The great thing about these pieces is that they can be worn so many different ways – from day to night, casual to fancy, our mini bling choker is the perfect statement piece to add to your look. The black and white are easily worn with brands such as Laser Kitten, Festy BestyValley High UNIF, and of course, Rad + Refined.

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