RobynTheBank On How Having A Fashion Blog Helps Her Music Career

RobynTheBank started her blog, RobynHood’s Closet, because her Instagram fans asked her too; they couldn’t get enough of her daily outfit posts. Now the blog gives her fans access to the Houston native’s—”All hail Beyonce,” she says—fitness and style secrets, inspirational images and posts, musings on film, and most importantly, her music projects.

“I’ve been singing since talking, and writing my own songs since elementary school,” she said.

“I moved to LA in ’08 to pursue music full time after dropping out of USC and I never looked back. The blog is just another way for me to express my creativity as well as an outlet to work through my many angsty emotions.”

The singer, now living in Los Angeles, auditioned for American Idol, then went on to win the “My Grammy Moment” contest back in 2008, granting her an opportunity to perform with Justin Timberlake onstage at the Grammys. Now, get to know Robyn in her own words, as she talks about a few of her favorite things; fashion, music, and why being good at both of those things has influenced her own career, and could help yours.

“Fashion and music are two different genres of art that belong together. I always would put the flyest numbers together for my work meetings or recording sessions and let me tell you, the effort always pays off. The bosses think of me more as an all-around entertainer, not just a voice, when I show them that I can draw all the energy in a room to myself just by walking in. Boom bitch—she got it.”

“My new music focuses on vocals, lots of dope harmonies and sweet backgrounds done all by me — even the chord pads and whatnot. The only outside instruments will be drums and a few tasteful synths/bass here and there. It’s all mixture of pop/r&b/rock, but very stripped down compared to most things you hear on the waves.”

Breakfast at Tiffanys is my favorite movie, and if I was to create an outfit inspired by Holly Golightly, it would definitely be a little black dress. I have the perfect version —a leather super minidress — very punk. My other favorite movies are Fight Club and Daisies.”

“Currently for money, I write pop songs for licensing companies to be pitched for TV, film, and commercials…it’s so much fun, but not always the music I would choose to put out for my own artistry. I think it’s a cool songwriting exercise and hey, it pays the bills. “

“Most of my work since has been in bands or groups. I finally get to do my own thing, and it’s both exhilarating and terrifying… but I believe singing is my gift and if you give me the chance to sing for you, you’ll understand why.”

Photos courtesy of Sophia Alvarado

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