Rihanna Is Gunning For a Piece of the Lucrative Celeb Sock Market

While it’s impossible for us mere mortals to ever look remotely as cool as Rihanna, thanks to her extensive fashion collaborations, it’s gotten a lot easier to delude ourselves into thinking it’s actually possible.

Three months ago it was a fashion line, two months ago it was sneakers, last month it was stilettos and this month it’s socks. Well, it’s also fur-lined sandals, but we’re focusing on the socks right now.

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Rihanna’s third collection for Stance goes live tomorrow, April 19, which just so happens to be the day before a high holiday which Rihanna is most certainly celebrating.

While the collection has curiously been kept under lock and key, thanks to Vogue we know that it’ll probably be about as hit or miss as her past two collections for Stance have been.

For instance, take these sheer pairs of thigh highs that don’t just have a sexy, vintage seam running down the back, but also have five tiny bows, you know, to remind everybody that you’re a lady.


As you can see, the socks come in three colors: white, pink, and a shdae that can only be described as yellowed tooth.

On the other hand, there are also these three socks:


Whether thigh high or ankle-length, these three sheer socks are all cute enough and totally acceptable for woman of any age to wear in public, but get ready for every guy at the bar to ask you why your socks have an 8 on them. It’s not important that your answer have anything to do with the fact that ANTI is Rihanna’s 8th studio album, and since you’ll never see those random dudes again anyway, feel free to get as creative as possible here.

One thing’s very clear: Rob needs to step up his sock game, because Rihanna is clearly coming after his empire.  

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