Rihanna Just Gave an Awesome Speech and All Anyone Cares About Is The Fact That She Wore Fur

If you tuned into BET last night to watch Black Girls Rock! you would’ve seen Rihanna looking bae AF and delivering an inspirational acceptance speech as she received the Rock Star Award.

Rihanna later took to Instagram to further acknowledge her award and thank Black Girls Rock! for honoring her.

But very quickly, the comment section on Ri’s post turned from celebratory to something that can only be described as lit.

While some fans celebrated Ri for being an amazing artist and an inspiration to black women, many slammed her for wearing fur.

The comments included;

“F*ck you with your fur stupid”

“How good does it feel to be a murderer?”

“She is like wearing a whole f*cking animal in this one! Out of all the things she could wear! People God damn need to wear their own skin and not somebody else’s!”

And then there was this gem that implied Rihanna might be a serial killer;

“Serial killers start by killing animals, then go on to kill people. If you support killing animals you support serial killers and murderers.”

Whoa babes, that’s one hell of a slippery slope.

Whatever your personal stance is on fur (key words: personal stance), people are being insane towards Rihanna and fixating on the negative.

Instead of letting her have her moment and allowing her to enjoy this honor. Instead of congratulating her on giving such an empowering speech in which she details how she isn’t normally called a role model because, you know, she’s a bad gal. Instead of acknowledging how important this moment is for her and for black women – people are crucifying her for making a personal choice to wear fur.

Erm – salty, much? Plus, who said her coat wasn’t faux?!

In her speech, Rihanna made important remarks about how black women aren’t celebrated enough and guess what, Instagram? This would’ve been the moment to celebrate a successful black woman being awesome, being herself and being an inspiration. Oh, and unsurprisingly, all the negative commenters we found were white.

And as if these commenters didn’t throw enough shade, they further insulted the english language with their terrible grammar. It’s “F*ck you with your fur, stupid,” and “goddamn” is one word.

Anyway, that’s enough attention for the haters. Watch Rihanna’s powerful speech below.

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