11 Ridiculous Times Old People Tried to Use Technology

The greatest thing about technology is that it brings people together from all ages, even if the older generation is slow to catch up on all of our millenial internet lingo and etiquette.

But the second greatest thing is watching older people use technology. Honestly, it is so amusing to watch my grandparents discover what is to them a new world through their iPhones and computers. But other times, you really just have to laugh and what they text and post because it’s so brutally honest and innocent.

So here are our favorite old people technology fails. Perfectly placed typos and all.

1. Grams watched the History channel once and is a conspiracy theorist now

Source: Reddit

2. If only I weren’t your grandmother…

Source: Runt

3. When Gram probs knows more about lean than you do

Source: Global Flare

4. No, Grandpa, you can’t Google things on Facebook — nice try tho!

Source: Bored

5. Why send one happy birthday picture when you can send ALL the happy birthday pictures?

Source: College Humor

6. Grandma is so supportive of everything you do

Source: Reddit

7. And she just wants you to know you’re loved

Source: Bored

8. Interesting choice of sides for Thanksgiving, huh?

 Source: Damn You Autocorrect

9. Grandma just really needed to tell everyone how much she loves Facebook

Source: Reddit

10. Grandma thinks Facebook is lying about how long you have been friends

Source: Reddit

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