Revice Gives Modern Denim A Boho Twist

Revice Denim is a brand with a purpose, which is to bring premium denim directly to the consumer, and without a large price tag.

Revice’s Boogie Bell jeans cost only $88, other pairs are even less at $78, embroidered jackets cost under $100, and t-shirts run for $16. With an aim to recreate vintage fits with high quality fabrics, Revice is combining the world of premium denim with the world of vintage denim, giving modern denim a boho twist.

We caught up with Revice founder Shai Sudry and head of PR Morgan Vanderwall to talk vintage fashion inspo, current denim trends, and back-to-school shopping tips. Here’s what they had to say:

Galore: I love that you’re mixing modern denim with boho looks! What was your vision when starting this brand?

Shai and Morgan: We got a lot of inspiration from our trips to vintage warehouses. We’d come across such rare finds of vintage denim straight out of the 60s and 70s in L.A., and we wanted to recreate those finds with better fits, washes, and maximum comfort for the modern woman. We went to the mills that used to produce the denim of that era, and we sourced the same fabrics from them to create our new twist on the vintage styles. The vision was to create high-end denim and be able to deal directly with the consumer. We wanted to give them an opportunity to purchase premium American-made denim at prices that jean lovers will appreciate.

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What was something lacking in the denim industry that you knew you could offer with Revice?

Shai and Morgan: Custom made denim for a reasonable price was lacking in the denim industry. We feel like we really studied our denim girls, and from there found a way to specifically perfect the denim. We follow trends closely and we’re always creating unique styles that we know our Revice girl wants to see. We’re not just some kind of offhand concept website selling second rate clothing with a short life span. We’re here to create some killer pieces that bring back that 60s and 70s vibe women are craving to see.

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What’s the best thing to wear with a pair of vintage or vintage-inspired jeans?

Shai: A really cool vintage tee always works. Either like a cool vintage styled printed tee or a plain white tee with crop sleeves, not overly long unless you’re going for a more boyfriend tee style.

Morgan: You can never go wrong with a good worn in vintage or vintage-inspired tee with your jeans. There’s something so effortlessly sexy and cool about that look – it will never go out of style.

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Digging the high waisted flares. What’s your fav style in your shop at the moment?

Shai: The Venus Flares are my favorite right now. It was always a dream for me to recreate these star butt jeans in a modern way. We feel like we perfected the fit on our pair and did an amazing job with the stitching and detail of the star. The wash is phenomenal, it came out just right. Everything about it is perfect!

Morgan: Okay, unfair question because I’m literally obsessed with every pair. But if I had to choose a favorite it would be the Venus Flares. That stitched star on the butt is so unique and rad and the way it fits is out of this world.

Who do you think is a denim icon?

Shai and Morgan: There are so many examples of cool young starlets like Kendall Jenner, the Hadid sisters, Stella Maxwell, and Rihanna – they all have such great style and are killing it in the denim world. The ones who really pioneered denim, not to be cliché, but we have to give props to Marilyn for being the first to wear denim in the 50s. Then of course from the 60s and 70s we love Jane Shrimpton and everything about her style.

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Who is the Revice girl? What’s she like?

Shai and Morgan: The Revice girl is a classic Southern California girl. She’s entirely defined by her home on the West Coast, and is characterized by the traits that West Coast natives often carry. She is a laid back, relaxed, go-with-the-flow kind of girl. She doesn’t stress the small stuff. She’s not interested in wasting time trying to configure the past, or getting wrapped up in regret. Instead she takes each day as it comes, one moment at a time, taking in everything life has to offer along the way.

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What’s your fav vintage find you’ve ever come across?

Morgan: My personal favorite vintage find I’ve ever come across were these real leather, black, steel-toed booties. I found them by total chance at the Rosebowl and they just happened to be my size. Not to mention, I scored them from the seller for $20. I don’t think he realized their value.

Biggest tip for dressing denim up?

Shai and Morgan: Good shoes.

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Tips for finding the perfect booty fitting jean shorts?

Shai: Look for something that’s going to give you that good wedgie and shows just the right amount of cheek.

Morgan: I agree, wedgie is key, and probably something high waisted to flatter your waistline and pair well with crop tops for hotter weather.

How did you get into design?

Shai: My dad used to produce for local designers in Israel. We owned a production factory and we used to have a lot of designers in our facilities designing their collections. I would go and visit their show rooms and ateliers and sit in on fittings and be in the middle of the constant flow of ideas, and it just kind of stuck.

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What’s one piece of advice you’d give the younger you?

Shai: One thing I missed in my youth was the emphasis on my love for the craft. I am no more about the craft than the business. If you’re good at your craft, your business will do great.

Morgan: I’m still young… so I’d tell myself to keep pushing the limits and not to let anyone tell me that I’m not capable.

Any advice for young fashion designers on how to get started in the industry?

Shai: Put your stuff out there. Don’t be afraid of criticism. From being in fashion all these years, I’ve realized you never know where the trends are going to take you. Don’t follow people, don’t copy others, and don’t worship designers. Create your own followers, and put your stuff on every media channel you can so that people see it.

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What’s the biggest denim trend right now?

Shai: Anything that relates back to a good vintage find of denim. Something a little tighter and higher waisted. The more vintage your denim, the trendier it looks.

Any back to school dressing tips?

Shai: Try and look for more quality denim pieces instead of going to the mall and just buying a random pair from a fast fashion brand. Look for companies that are paying attention to detail, to fit, and are using great denim.

Morgan: Push the limits with your styles of denim. Don’t just settle for the cookie cutter skinny jean, dare to make a statement with your denim. Denim is really moving out of the standardized styles and into a more out there and creative vibe, so I’d love to see that leak into the mainstream.

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