Ramon Moralejo’s Lot 45 is ‘Brooklyn New Playground’

We chatted with owner of Lot 45, Ramon Moralejo, on his establishment and why it’s the perfect addition the Bushwick neighborhood.


What is the concept behind lot45?
As we began our search for a space, we did not have a particular neighborhood in mind. Our search brought us to a number of spaces and neighborhoods. From Manhattan and into Brooklyn and eventually heading further east into the industrial section of Bushwick. Once in Bushwick we were drawn to the beauty and grit, the change that was unravelling. We found that Brooklyn in particular didn’t have what it needed. It had space. It had the culture. But it didn’t have the vivacity in a venue that would help cultivate this change.

Why did you open in Bushwick?
Brooklyn, specifically Bushwick began gentrification a couple of years ago. In doing so it sparked a lot of attraction by the art community. There is a very liberal setting where culture, fashion, music and art thrives. For example, the street that became home to Lot 45 is the epicenter of Bushwick street art. You can spot artists from all over the world just walking down Troutman Street. Streets and hidden spaces where bands; that are both known and underground; come to play to create an intimate setting, while maintaining the quality of sound.


What cocktail is the house favorite?
The Street Canvas cocktail, people are always curious about the stenciling. We have artwork from some of our favorite artists, currently COST and SOLUS and we transfer their art onto a drink! It is a fun thing to watch and the cocktail is delicious and full of citrus flavors.

What makes bushwick cooler than manhattan?
Cool is so subjective. From it’s history, arts, fashion, music, it’s people, it’s attractions, distractions, controversies the struggles and triumphs. We all share them; that’s what makes New York special. New York is my muse. Lot 45 is my result.

What type of food do you serve?
Djenna at Lot45 is our kitchen, which is a converted shipping container in our front courtyard. Operated by Samia Behaya of Williamsburg favorite, Simple Café, Djenna serves a selection of refined street food inspired by the culinary influences of France and Algeria Including slider, oysters and seasonal tartines.

Best nights to be scene?
That’s the best part about Bushwick. Theres no such thing. It has no schedule. The lifestyle is intertwined. Going out and having a good time is part of their day. Not a result of their day. “No sleep till brooklyn” .. so people go out when they feel like it.

Describe lot 45 in 3 words?
Brooklyn’s new playground.


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