Put Your P*ssy On A Pedestal With The Help of A New Iconika X-Rated Song

Iconika X-Rated, previously known as Phlo Finister has just released a new song titled “Eat Your Heart Out,” with some pretty fun advice for us all.

“Put your pussy on a pedestal,” she sings, to which I respond, that’s cool, maybe we all should! And normally, it might be hard to figure out how, if, and why you’d want to do that, but Iconika’s electro-trappy sound is so distracting that it doesn’t even matter. You’re just down.

Iconika has a new mixtape, Indecent Exposure coming out, and this new song just makes us even more excited for the musician — also previously of the band YouthQuaker — to return to the scene.

Check out “Eat Your Heart Out” and her Soundcloud below.

The artwork for the project is in collaboration with American Visual Artist John Hurley, photographed by Cameron McCool.

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