Princess Gollum knows the root of all Instagram evil

Josephine Pearl Lee, better known as Princess Gollum, has impeccable style and huge Instagram following. She’s dealt with countless haters because of her unique style but she will ever let that stop her. We sat down with her after our shoot and discussed how she deals with those haters and her career plans for the future.

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T-shirt: Made In Hell, Jacket: & Other Stories, Skirt: Zara, Scarf: & Other Stories, Socks: Darner Socks, Shoes: Zara, Goggles: Velvet, Earrings: Vintage

Your style is so unique and you wear it so well. What inspires you and the way you dress?

I think the only reason my style could be considered “unique” that I could “wear so well” is because there is only one me and I dress myself for me and only me. Just like how you are one of a kind. No one loves and hates all of the same things as you do. Like I could try to wear the same replica of your outfit but it wouldn’t look nearly as good on me because it’s me, not you. I’m constantly inspired by everyone and everything around me but what drives me is my never ending nostalgia, my love for the present and anxiety about the future.

You have a big following on Instagram. How do you stay confident and ignore the haters?

I’ve been bullied and I’ve been a bully a lot growing up. I think being on both ends showed me the underlying issue that is our dear friend and close enemy: insecurity. It’s obvious when someone is a bully, it’s 100% of the time their insecurities being deflected onto you because you might have something special that they think they don’t have and in return this bullying might cause or heighten your insecurity. Thus, breeding a very unnecessarily hard and sad cycle. The only way to break it is to grow in yourself and become secure in who you are not only on the outside but what really makes you, you — what’s on the inside. Naturally, nothing anyone says about you will matter and only what you think of you will be of value. I apologize that was really sappy but it’s just true.

Did you always want to be a model or do you have any other things you are interested in besides modeling?

I model but I still don’t identify as being one. I’m actually in between careers and training to become a professional conductor.

Hoodie: Made in Hell, Dress (worn as a skirt): Vintage, Boots: Alexander Wang, Choker: & Other Stories, Earrings: & Other Stories

I love that a lot of your shoots involve very abstract and unique makeup. Would you rather become a completely different person when you are shooting or do you like a natural makeup look that allows you to still remain Josephine?

Honestly, I love both and I don’t wanna choose.

Do you think it is crucial to have a big following on Instagram if you want to become a successful model now?

I think in my case, yes. I didn’t take the conventional route.

Check out more photos from the shoot with Josephine below.

Blazer: Vintage Versace, Trench: MISBHV, Socks: Urban Outfitters, Shoes: ALYX, Choker: Bunny Holiday, Sunglasses: Vintage, Earrings: Justine Clenquet


Photography: Esther Faciane

Styling: Marita Owens

Makeup and Hair: Shideh Kafei & Allison Owens

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