Prepare Yourself For These 5 Basic Fall Instagrams

October is here and fall is upon us…which means tis the season of basic Instagram posts. Don’t get us wrong, we love fall just as much as the next person, but the stock #fall instas are enough to drive a girl crazy. So this is a cautionary tale, a warning per say, here is what your fall feed will be full of and please, avoid crossing over to the dark side. It’s okay to enjoy fall but maybe reimagine it a bit.


by: Shannon Kurlander

Galore Guide to Basic Fall Instas

1. Pumpkin Spice Latte
This can come in many forms – from a picture of a decorative local cafe latte to holding the classic Starbucks p-spice. Go get your taste, but is it Instagram worthy? Think about it.
photo 3.PNG

2. Leaves OOTD/ “Where I Stand”
The leaves are changing color and of course this means a whole new style of “outfit-of-the-day” pictures. Fashion bloggers are mostly excited for fall so they can change up their ootd scenery. Nature’s change also brings a new element to “where I stand” instas: now girls can take pictures of their feet with leaves by them! So so exciting…right?
photo 1-1.PNG
photo 1.PNG

3. #Fall = Picture of Boots
Thus also brings us the simple conclusion that #fall means boots. With the “where I stand” photos brings an array of pictures of girls wearing boots with the simple hashtag: #fall.
photo 2-1.PNG

4. “I’m So Cold” Selfie
Girl you’re not that cold. Don’t try to act like you “woke up like this” and you’re just so cute and chilly.
photo 2.PNG

5. Seasonal Beer
People lose it over seasonal drinks, especially seasonal beer. Expect, from girls and boys alike, a plethera of boring pictures of a seasonal brew – heck maybe they’ll even be holding it.
photo 5.PNG

You have been warned.

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