Prepare to Be Bewildered by Nikki Paige’s Hot New Song “GOAT”

We’re opening the week with something really interesting and quite unique. Delivering a very eccentric sound, Nikki Paige is here to mesmerize the masses. Nikki has worked in the entertainment industry since she was 11 years old. The first deal she secured was as a country music writer, but it eventually grew into so much more. After being discovered by Barbara Orbison, wife of the late Roy Orbison, Nikki found a mentor in the industry that enabled her to hone and develop her craft. Since that point forward, Nikki has been devoted to cultivating and creating music that is pure and authentically hers. She formed MFRecordz/MalibuFilms in partnership with Greg Hannley and Alex Draghici, two brilliant entrepreneurs. In order to innovate and indulge in their craft, the company offers an oasis and safe haven for artists. With more than 7000 original songs under her belt, she’s a force to be reckoned with. Using music to express herself, Nikki has come to conquer the world.

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After the critically acclaimed video/single “Bunny Hop”, she created something truly magnificent. However, Nikki is now seeking to top herself, to create something more powerful, louder, and more bombastic than ever seen before. If I had to choose a word to describe “GOAT” I think it would be outlandish. The very first thing we hear is a goat, a literal goat! Nikki is truly pushing her musical creativity to the limits and having a lot of fun while doing it. Using a tongue and cheek rhythm, Nikki perfectly blends her voice and lyrics into this mash of artistry. She takes risks and pushes her own boundaries. It is a bold and exciting step forward in Nikki’s musical journey. Nikki is experimenting with her sound and is not afraid to go outside of her comfort zone to create something truly unique. 

I wrote this song for so many people nobody wanted it. I tried to encourage it so badly.  I really believed in the concept, especially with ”You’re the G.O.A.T.“ with a boss artist rapping on it. It wasn’t my intention to ever sing it myself. They were all interested however, they were taking too long.” she describes. Nikki is embracing the idea of taking risks and pushing the boundaries of what’s possible in music.

“I free-styled “G.O.AT.” There wasn’t an option. Turns out that guy being as talented as he is, felt super entitled. He should have kept his breath and wee wee to himself“ I hate the music industry for that reason. 2nd of all you came to our studio asking for help. Whip out your Peter? Check yourself. I told him that and made him look in the mirror. Told him this is the guy you are and the one that will ruin the career you worked so hard for if you don’t change your slutty pervert ways. You will get me 2’d. Then guess what. Two weeks later he’s checking himself in. Called out “me 2’d” on a plane. I didn’t know whether to laugh or smile. I just know his breath stunk and he was a goat.”

Nikki has proven she’s in no short supply of imaginativeness. Her songs testify to her musical prowess. Nikki has a remarkable ability to take her experiences and craft them into thought-provoking and entertaining stories. Her music should be praised for its depth and complexity, and she continues to push boundaries with her distinct sound. I’m very excited to hear/see what she has in store for us next! Nikki is an artist of great potential, and I’m certain she’ll continue to make a lasting impression in the music industry. I look forward to hearing more of her music and seeing her grow as an artist. I’m sure her future works will be just as captivating and inspiring as her past works.

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