[PREMIERE] Vivian Laurence’s ‘Gaia’s Garden’

After the debut of her Flowers EP last Fall, Vivian Laurence has spent the year curating an art showcase titled “Gaia’s Garden,” in which a diverse group of artists have recently joined together to spread their message on female empowerment.

Before the showcase, I sat down with Vivian in her Downtown Los Angeles apartment to discuss her creative process, working with her own vulnerability, and what defines “girl power” in today’s world.

See what she had to say below, and checkout this exclusive first look at Vivian’s visual premiere for “Gaia’s Garden.” You can purchase tickets to “Gaia’s Garden,” which will be open to the public on May 20th, here.

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How did you conceptualize the idea for “Gaia’s Garden?”

The idea for “Gaia’s Garden” came after I wrote the song “Gaia” for my Flowers EP.  I envisioned a world of unconditional love, one founded on the empowerment of women and honest artistic expression. I see “Gaia’s Garden” as a space for humanity to expand and blossom.

Can you explain the idea behind “Light Lair” a little bit?

The “Light Lair” was the name of my first apartment in Downtown Los Angeles! That apartment became such a collaborative space with my friends. There were always people over, inspiring each other and creating art or music together. That sharing of space evolved into a creative collective focused on feminine energy and the spreading of light and love through art and music.

You designed the stage, and curated the art show, and wrote and produced all your own music for the concert. You’re like a one-woman show! Do you always have a second set of eyes look at your work to help you gain perspective?

Yes, absolutely! I’ve got my tiny team and my best friends — they’re the ones who see all my work in progress. I trust their perspectives and sharing my ideas with them helps me to clarify my vision.


Photography by Bratty Malone

As an artist, is criticism an important part of your growth?

Criticism comes with the territory. People are always going to have their own perspectives and I’m open to that dialogue because it offers an important contrast, but I also know that I always have to trust my own intuition. All of my work has intention embedded in it. Half the excitement is creating art that challenges people’s perceptions.

How is your mindset different when you’re painting vs. when you’re making music?

Working in different mediums allows my mind to conceptualize without any barriers. Painting is illustrating in a physical, visual sense, whereas making music is illustrating in a sonic, intangible way. Both are forms of storytelling for me. I tend to paint more when I’m feeling quiet and introspective, and I make music when I’ve got emotions that I need to verbalize.

The visual’s in “Gaia’s Garden” are so captivating, would you ever make a short film or a “visual album?” 

I was so inspired by Lemonade! Beyoncé set the standard. I definitely see myself creating extended visual stories in the future.


Photography by Bratty Malone

“Gaia’s Garden” is a collective of artists showcasing art about female empowerment, are all the artists female?

No, we’ve got some men in the mix, too. Everyone can appreciate women!

Do you think male artists have a certain perspective on female empowerment that maybe we don’t as females?

Men and women do perceive each other in different ways. Some aspects of our existences may be challenging to fully understand because the experiences are different, but I’d like to think we can both celebrate each other.

What’s your idea of real “girl power,” and how do you showcase that through your art?

To me, real “girl power” is about women owning who they are and feeling good about themselves, as a supportive collective. It’s about our authenticity as individuals, and together, we’re a force of nature.

Is vulnerability important?

Yes! Vulnerability is so important for human connection. How are we going to come together if we can’t be real with each other? Feelings are key. From an artistic standpoint, I would have nothing to say without my vulnerability.


Photography by Bratty Malone

What direction do you think the music industry is going in for women right now?

Women are doing beautiful things for music, and I see the industry recognizing and appreciating that feminine voice more and more. There are so many talented women out there who are taking matters into their own hands and making a name for themselves through their art. It’s inspiring and motivating to watch. We’re only going up from here!

As a young female in the music industry, what’s something that you have to deal with that you think should change?

Working in a male-dominated industry, there can be unwanted sexual energy that gets thrown into the mix. That’s one thing that needs to chill. I’m here to work hard and I intend to be respected for that.

What do you want to achieve through this show?

I want to bring people together! I want people to feel united and ready to change the world, just by being themselves and doing it together. I want everyone to leave the show feeling uplifted, light-hearted, free-spirited, HAPPY to be alive. This show is about love, and love is all that matters. [View her full artist statement here.]

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