[PREMIERE] Stalking Gia Makes Raw Honesty Sound Effortless On ‘Second Nature’

Stalking Gia’s new song “Second Nature” is premiering here for the first time, and not only does it sound great, but we’re psyched someone is talking about all the stuff that’s hard about being vulnerable with another person, so we don’t have to.

Because “‘Second Nature’ is about the feeling you get in a relationship where things feel too good to be true,” Gia — also behind last year’s pop anthem”Born Free” — told us. “It’s about those moments when overthinking gets the better of you, and you feel like you can’t fully surrender yourself to another person.”

It’s always shitty to admit to feelings of insecurity and anxiety, especially in a new relationship, but the singer-songwriter’s rendition of emotion over a minimal but catchy beat, makes sharing your innermost feelings seem not so bad, and maybe even kinda worth it.

Check out the new track on Soundcloud below, and hit up Spotify to listen to “Second Nature” this Friday.

Photo courtesy of Elenor Petry. 

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