[Premiere] Stalgia’s New Single “BDY” is Creepily Relevant

Singer Lauren Day and Brandon Leslie of the duo Stalgia are unleashing the R&B hypnotic feels with their new single “BDY.” This tune can probs best be described as a sexy and melodic anthem about temptations, and works well when paired with a glass of wine, a dim room and a lava lamp.

Lauren tells us that the song was inspired by her “reflection on the types of people in this world. [Its] imperfections, temptations, and flaws” — which you know there are plenty of these days.

She also says the lyrics are a metaphor — “A darkness walking among us is constantly trying to break us, make us weak, and consume our minds so that we might forget what’s true and good.” Hm…. sounds creepily relevant, right?

Just when the world is long overdue for a hit of truth and reality, Stalgia are here to serve it up, telling us that their fave thing about the tune is “that it’s gritty, flawed, and real. It’s not some typical banger about true love.”

Lauren’s vocals are breathy and sexy, overtop a steady groove and epic arrangement full of heavy R&B drums with a memorable and melodic hook. Lauren says, “Every human is different and lives a different story. Sometimes we fail. We aren’t perfect, we make wrong decisions, we make mistakes…and we can’t always live up to everyone’s wants and expectations. I hope [listeners] appreciate the underlying thought that we don’t have to be perfect.”

Again, the relevance is totes staggering. Check the tune out below.


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