[PREMIERE] Kid Moxie’s “4AM” Has a Twisted Makeover Perfect for Halloween

If you didn’t go out this past weekend to get your fix of creepy ass Halloween stuff, singer Kid Moxie has the perf video to give it to you.

If you’ve ever had that weird friend who copies everything you do and treats you like you’re dating them, this video will hit home with you.

Tthe tune “follows an awkward and somewhat co-dependent relationship between two women,” Kid Moxie says. She also tells us that this is the first time she’s handed over the idea reins to a director, asking only that the audience not be able to tell if it’s night or day…  plus, there are live leeches involved.

Perhaps the creepiest thing the vid points out is that 4 a.m. is def the time of when the most mysterious shit can go down — the time that has the least number of “witnesses.”

Let that mess with your brain and watch this eerie twisted make-over gone awry directed by Vasily Ovchinnikov below.

For more on Kid Moxie, hit her up on the socials.


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