[PREMIERE]: Kelow LaTesha’s “Kill Moe”

Cult rapper Kelow LaTesha is back with a dope new track titled “Kill Moe.” This electro-trap record showcases her wavy style, all while going against the status quo.

“These niggas and these bitches, they ain’t real,” she raps. And Kelow means it. Me, my generation, and generations to come must eliminate the mentality that people we idolize are actually real,” she told Galore. “We need to search beyond the comfortable ideas we’ve been taught, and finally acknowledge that we need to feed our spirits with something genuine.”

Watch Kelow’s video for “Kill Moe,” for the first time, below.


Who are artists or designers who’ve inspired you?

Everyone is an artist. We master crafts of our own everyday, whether it be music, food, or gardening. There’s an art to knowing oneself. We customize our lives to our own likings, based on the art of our craft. I’m inspired by everyone who I cross paths with, good or bad. I’ll learn from anyone!

How do you get inspired to create work?

I’m observant and I use any day-to-day interactions, conversations, and relationships to inspire myself. The range in culture is definitely reflected by my work. Everywhere I go, I observe how people are feeling. I’m grateful and see where I need to grow, but I also see how we’re all the same. Sometimes it seems like we’re all struggling, but we’re just growing and blossoming from whatever our situation may be. I use all of this to reflect upon, then I project my own perspective through my music.

Are you always proud of the work you make?

I can’t say I always am, but it definitely depends on the moment. I can’t say that about my previous work, but right now, in this present moment, my answer is definitely! 

What new music are you excited for at the moment?

All this new crank I’m making! My SUMN NU EP is coming soon.

What’s your go to sad song? Happy song?

Fuck being sad! My happy song, which will also be played during my first dance at my wedding, is “Faneto” by Chief Keef. Also, any song of New Impressionz from ’06 and ’07 make me glow!They’re my favorite band ever.

Rihanna or Nicki Minaj?

Rihanna! No games.

Who do you want to work with?

Beyoncé because she hardly collabs with others. I’d also love to work with Sean Paul, Lolawolf, and Metroboomin!

Do you like festivals? If so, which one/s?

Of course! SXSW, Trillectro, and Afropunk are the only three I’ve ever been to.

Do you listen to music on repeat?

All the time, especially instrumental.

What does “Kill Moe” mean to you?

This piece symbolizes growth and awareness! I took inspiration from Sun Ra’s 1974 film, Space Is the Place, and the many beautiful colors in it. I encourage everyone to watch it!

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