[PREMIERE] Julianne Glass Will Make Even the Toughest Babe Weep

If you need more Norah Jones’ vibes in your life, than Julianne Glass’s music is perfect for you. Having been able to play the piano since she was in diapers, Julianne writes melodies and metaphors that can take even the toughest of bitches weep her black little soul out onto the floor.

Having tragically lost her sister led the songstress to write “The Amethyst Piano,” a gorgeous tune coming straight from the heart.

Though the tragedy was tough, Julianne has gone on to create songs with a soul — including all the tunes on her upcoming EP, “Transparent.”

Get a sneak peek at what the EP will be like by listening to “The Amethyst Piano,” and then hang around for our Q&A with Julianne below!

Who else would you list as major influences in your music besides The Beatles and Stevie Wonder?

I’d definitely have to say that Ben Folds and Elliott Smith are some of my other major influences in music. I was raised listening to those musicians, so it’s safe to assume that their styles have all impacted and affected my sound. I’ve always admired Ben Folds’ piano playing skills; when I was 11 years old, I switched from playing piano classically to more contemporarily to emulate a sound similar to his. When it comes to being influenced by Elliott, I don’t think I sound much like him, but I very much look up to him as a songwriter and melodist.

Would you say that your music gives us Norah Jones vibes?

Wow, that’s such a compliment! People have said I sound like Fiona Apple and Sara Bareilles before, but only a handful of them have said I sound like Norah. I don’t listen to her music very often, but from what I’ve heard of hers, I love it.

What inspired you to write The Amethyst Piano?

I wrote The Amethyst Piano about my sister, actually. I wrote it about 2 years after she passed away, and I was coming to terms with the state she was in before she passed. It’s a very metaphorical song since I described her as this enchanting and alluring piano whose purpose is to play, but when you sit down at the keys, no sound comes out. My sister was the most interesting and talented person I had known, and it was sad and frustrating to see someone you love have so much potential that they weren’t able to execute.

Is it true you’ve been playing piano since you could walk?

Yes, that is true! I remember waddling to my piano when I was really young, climbing up onto the piano bench and learning how to play the beginning melody of “Heart and Soul” by ear until I got it right. I’ve always found learning by ear to be difficult at times, but once you get it right, it feels like such an accomplishment.

Tell us something interesting/weird about the way/process that you create/write your music!

I don’t know if many people are like this, but it can either take me months to finish a song or just a couple of hours. There’s no in between, really. I’m very particular about the way I write songs, and I want each song I write to be as good as it can be. Sometimes I’ll have a line or two in my songbook for a couple of months and it’ll take me a long time to figure out what the true meaning of the song will be. Other times, I’ll get an idea in my head and feel so inspired to finish it within a couple of hours.

Who’s the coolest person you can think of and why?

My mom is honestly so rad. When she was my age, she was hanging with some pretty cool people – she was popping into The Rolling Stones’ recording sessions, playing gigs around LA all while being independent from age 14 and on. When I was 14, however, my dad and sister passed away, which was absolutely heartbreaking. It wasn’t just me losing my family, though – my mom had to go through those tragedies as well. For her to have lost her husband and daughter, and then to continue raising me and supporting me with all of her heart makes her the fuckin’ coolest in my book.

What are you most excited about sharing this tune with the world?

I’m most excited about sharing this song because it’s been somewhat private for the last 3 years, and this song deserves its chance to finally be heard! When I was 16, I recorded this song with just my voice and the piano. It was a decent start, but this is the version I want everyone to hear. The other instruments tie the whole song together and make it complete, and I’m so excited it’s finally coming out.

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