[PREMIERE]: Grace McKagan’s Wild Girl Anthem “I’m Ready”

Grace McKagan is the ultimate rock n roll babe. Watch her new video for “I’m Ready”, premiering exclusively with Galore. Read below for exclusive stills and an interview with the bad gal.

What does this song mean to you?

What this song really means to me is I’m ready…to rock, to bitch, to give my all to the music and let it breathe me in and spit me out. The song isn’t literally about getting ‘fucked up’, when I was writing it alongside my partner, Isaac Carpenter, I thought of it more as an anthem for sacrificing yourself for your passion — always being ready and willing to give your all. It’s a song about just being young, being ready to explore and to love.

How does this sound differ from your other music?

This song is a bit more poppy than the stuff I usually write. I tend to write more punk stuff, but I’m so proud of this single. It’s different from my other music in the sense that it has an ethereal, sort of angelic sound to it. It shows a different side, a more vulnerable side, of me.

Glam or punk?

Punk rock.


Who are your idols?

Iggy Pop (the grim reaper of rock n roll), David Bowie, Brian Eno, Prince, Ozzy Osbourne, Dolly Parton, Johnny Thunders, Daft Punk, Kate Bush, Jeff Buckley, Lady Gaga, and Perfume Genius… not particularly in that order.

5 tips for getting fucked up?

Drugs are bad for you!


What was the inspiration for this song?

Originally I was inspired by this boy I was in love with from afar and wanting to conquer the world with him, and it still kind of is. But the more I performed the song, the more I nursed it and the meaning of the song became something much bigger than that. I think of the song now as a personal rock n roll sacrifice.

Tell us more about The Pink Slips!

Already working on our next video… think neon cowgirl!




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Director & Stills: Kevin Hayeland 

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