[PREMIERE] Good Graeff Releases The Perfect Summer Video for ‘Good Touch’

Good Graeff made a music video for their uplifting summer song “Good Touch,” doing what every girls fantasizes about doing in the summer — going on a road trip.

The video features the pair driving through the California Desert, but not without picking up a gypsy, a wanderer, and some weary travelers along the way. But that’s pretty normal for the pair.

“We met a group of incredibly fun people at a show for Mid-Midpoint Music Fest in Cincinnati,” the girls explained, “and long story short, a few months later they flew out to LA and we filmed this music video with them.”

The indie-pop duo had their song, “I Want That,” featured on the Girls soundtrack last year, and this track is off their EP Good Job. See their new video, “Good Touch,” below.

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