[Premiere] DANI’s Video for ‘Cruel’ is Epically Artsy

We’ve all had those toxic people in our lives that make us want to run to the local crystal shop, buy a shit ton of sage and clear that negativity right off of us.

Artist and singer DANI knows that feeling all too well, and wrote an epic synthy slow jam. She says it’s meant to portray “the feeling of wanting to make excuses for someone who you are aware, deep down, is influencing your life in a negative way.”

The problem lies in the fact that sometimes these people have a way of reeling us in.

“Every so often you will get this glimpse of beauty from them and you just want to feel and relive that moment again,” DANI says. “That feeling of wanting to be close to someone because of the person they turn you into, and when that magic happens, the world around you doesn’t matter. It’s almost drug like.”

In her new video for her single, “Cruel,” DANI makes black and white epic artsy magic — from slow motion underwater beauty, to double exposure modern contemporary dance, the video is a beautiful seemingly french-noir influenced piece with a slow-jam dance track as it’s chill vibe-inducing soundtrack. This is one you’ll def have on repeat.

Check out the vid below, and give DANI a follow on the socials.  

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