[Premiere] Chewii’s “PuNoni” Video Is One Big Meme

If you don’t know who Chewii is yet, allow us to introduce you.

She’s a singer from Montreal, and studied at the American Academy of Dramatic Arts in Los Angeles. After school, she moved to Brooklyn where she met producer and songwriter Govales. Together, they cultivated her image and sound and ended up falling in love and formed an indie label called G SPOT.

Chewii released three singles in 2016, which were all produced by Govales, and she gained the attention of major underground music blogs and critiques.

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Now she’s releasing another single titled ‘”PuNoni,” which was produced by fellow Montrealian KAYTRANADA, and a music video for the track. The song was inspired by KATYANDRA’s Haitian roots, and the video is super fun, colorful and slightly absurd – and you just can’t help but drop everything and dance.

Chewii is in on the absurdity, however. “I totally want people to spoof it and make memes and even create their own version of the PuNoni video,” she said.

And the absurdity wasn’t the only fun part about the video. The fashion contributed to the overall vibe of the video, and Chewii said that was her fave part about it.

“Shopping and styling the video was probably the best part for me because I got to run through aisles and aisles of beautiful vintage pieces,” Chewii said. “We were able to find all the pieces in various Montreal costume and vintage shops. The blue nightgown I’m wearing in the first scene for example was over 50 years old.”

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Even Govales was decked out in vintage pieces.

“The black and gold coat Govales has on is over 100 years old and belonged to a Governor who served in the late 1800’s in Quebec,” Chewii said. “He was sweating the whole time under those lights because it weighed about 40 pounds.”

The video itself is actually interactive. Govales and Chewii teamed up to launch a creative company called G SPOT Interactive. And in partnership with Canadian tech company Spotful, they’re using one of a kind technology to create a new and revolutionizing experience in music.

Check out the video for “PuNoni” below, or watch the interactive video here.

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