[PREMIERE] Bodine’s “I Need You” Is a Message for Her Ex

Singer Bodine knows what it’s like to have a tumultuous relationship with your first love — and the thoughts of trying to move on without them.

Her new song, “I Need You,” is a pretty sick slow jam that’s reminiscent of nineties R&B with a twist of Amy Winehouse-sounding vocals — she sings, “I’m finally free” with her breathy and seductive vocals over top the raw snap of the fingers.

She also created this gorgeous video giving us a glimpse of what it would be like to see her through the eyes of her love now. Here’s what she told us about it:

This song is very special to me because I wrote it for someone really important, my first love. We were both really joung and so everything was very complicated. The song is about the moment you’re breaking up, when you’re in that on-and-off mode but you know it’s ending for sure because it’s not healthy anymore to stay together but you still think you need that person to survive in this world.
The video is simple but I wanted to give a feel of how he used to look at me and make me feel free and beautiful. Showing him that I’m at peace and that I’m happy right now. The past is the past. I hope that someday he gets the chance to see my art, in particular this video.

Check out the video below, and give Bo a follow on the socials.

Instagram: @bokoehler | Twitter: @bok0ehler 

Video directors: Prince + Jacob
Stylist: Rose Garcia
Makeup: Stephanie Perez
Hair: Kirsten Bode
Director of photography: Elena De Santiago

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