Pop Princess King Deco Collabs with Instant Karma For a Sick Remix

Singer King Deco has some killer tracks like the chill-vibe-inducing “Needed Me,” all the way to the harder hitting dance track, “Castaway.”

King Deco grew up in the small monarchy of Jordan, and took much of its colors and textures to inspire her beautiful video for her track, “Read My Lips.” Today, she premieres her remix collab with radical-rainbow-haired DJ/producer duo, Instant Karma, who fell in love with King Deco’s voice when they first heard the OG track.

King tells us that she was inspired to write the song after having to find multiple ways of telling someone “no” — something that we can all relate to, amiright?

Instant Karma says they wanted to add a “more dancey/pulsing element to enhance the movement of the lyric and create a different feel,” making it totally unique from the original, but “using a lot of King Deco’s vocal elements as their own instruments within the drop.” And this remix proves that these girls make for an unstoppable team!

King adds that with this song she hopes that her fans and listeners will feel confident enough to speak their minds, and say how they really feel about something, “even if it’s different from what is expected.”

Check out the video for the original track, “Read My Lips” and then perk those ears up for a radical remix below!



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