5 girls explain the point of their most recent finsta posts

Finsta is the holy grail of social media. In the past year, finstas have evolved into a place where people dish awkward situations, morning-after tales, and most importantly throw mad shade.

If you’re lucky enough to have access to someone’s finsta you know that means you’re 1. loyal and 2. worthy of knowing the dirt that goes on in that person’s day to day.

I’ve found more often than not that people are using their finsta as a diary to get feedback and assurance from people they’re close to. I decided to interview a number of girls and find out what their latest finsta post entailed and I was more than surprised with the range of feedback I got. These are their stories.

1. Not not drunk

One girl explains her latest post is about a drunken mishap with a guy, an Uber driver, and the guy’s dad. The post shows a pic of the back of a sketchy beat-up Toyota Camry with a rigorously misspelled caption.

“I Ubered home with a boy to his house, we ran out of the Uber without paying, not thinking anything of it,”says Finsta user Mimi. “Next thing I know the boy and me are getting hot and heavy in his bathroom, but his dad is banging on the bathroom door, as the Uber driver is banging on the front door.”

Sounds like she had a legendary night!

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2. Thanks for the memories

Another finsta user, Nicole, explains that her finsta has become her portal of funny adventures, and life moments she’s been willing to share with her follows.

Her latest post showed screenshots of her ex’s grandpa sending her pics over Facebook Moments of her and her ex a year after they’ve been broken up.



3. Cutting it close

My next victim, finsta user Jess, tells me her latest post is a screenshot of a convo with her dad, where he sends HER a screenshot of her private finsta profile.

This is a nightmare, I too have gotten a request from my mother on finsta. This is when you have the realization that IF somehow they did follow you, you’d prob get disowned. She covered it up and changed her finsta username ASAP, you go girl.

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4. Beating the summer heat

The next confession is a team effort. Two roommates tell me both of their latest posts on each of their finstas have been about how they don’t have AC in their apartment this summer.

Their apartment in Philly has been getting to upwards of 92 degrees at night. The post itself is a picture of their thermostat with the ridiculous number.

The two finsta users Brooklyn and Taylor confess in their caption that they’ve been “#smart thots and have been using boys AC to sleep at night.” Gotta do what you gotta do! They now have an inside joke asking each other every morning if they got that “AC last night.”

5. Drool shmool

My final girl told me her latest Finsta had to do with her commute to NYC. This younger guy eventually sits next to her, everything is fine when all of a sudden she feels his head rest on her shoulder.

“I’m too awkward to push someone off right away, I get it we’re all exhausted catching a 7:10 a.m. train to NY Penn Station,” says finsta user Victoria.

It wasn’t until he started DROOLING on her that she freaked out and woke him up (naturally). But the weirdest part was that he then had the audacity to ask her for her number, insane. She then immediately posted a pic of the drool stain on her shirt to her finsta.

And for that we salute her!

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