Why Britney Spears (& Everyone Else) Is Crushing on Pixie Lott

Pixie Lott first made waves back in 2009, when she released a series of hit singles that took Britain by storm, like “Mama Do (Uh oh uh oh).”

These days, she’s taking a break from the pop star thing, and keeping it very classy with a gig as Holly Golightly in the stage adaptation of Breakfast at Tiffany’s in the UK. Lucky for us, however, the actress-singer-songwriter took a break from her day job to answer some questions about dating when you’re famous, guilty pleasure songs, and that one time Britney Spears shouted Pixie out for #WCW.

Is your real name Pixie Lott?

My real name is Victoria Louise Lott, but my parents called me Pixie from when I was a baby as I was so small. It’s stuck and now all my family and friends call me Pixie, I am hardly ever called Victoria.

When did you dye your hair blonde?

I’m blonde naturally, but a little darker than I am right now. I started dying it when I was a teenager and have kept it since then. I’ve been enjoying experimenting with my PAINT range too — the sorbet shade was one of my favorites. While I am doing Breakfast At Tiffany’s I have to keep it blonde though.

Who is your favorite designer?

That’s a tough one… it’s so hard to choose! I love Dolce and Gabbana, since all of their dresses seem to be a perfect fit for me. I also love Fendi and Dior.

What’s a song people are surprised you like?

A random guilty pleasure that I know all the words to is Puddle Of Mud’s “She Hates Me.”

How do you feel about Instagram?

I love Instagram and it’s one of my favorite social media platforms. What I like about Instagram is that you can still keep up an air of mystery, it doesn’t need to be me sharing everything about my life. Oh! And Britney Spears picked me as her #WCW one week and I was blown away and so not expecting it. I haven’t met her yet, but she’s one of my favorite performers.

Who’s your favorite British band of all time?

The Beatles. They’ve written some of the best pop songs of all time. I just love listening to them and always feel inspired afterwards.

What’s the most important life lesson you’ve learned in the past year?

To never stop working hard, take risks and challenge yourself. This year I stepped fully out of my comfort zone and it was really daunting playing Holly in Breakfast At Tiffany’s. I had to take dialect lessons to perfect her accent, learn a huge script, learn how to play guitar – it was certainly nerve-wracking, but I am loving every moment now.

What’s your favorite flower?

At the moment, I love sunflowers. You can’t go wrong with roses and lilies though, they’re an all time fav.

What’s dating like when you’re famous?

There’s not much difference dating when you’re famous versus when you’re not. There are more pictures taken when you’re scooting about on adventures though.

House of Harlot black latex dress | Fyodor Golan green and neon pink high waisted skirt | Claire’s headphones | Claire’s plain neon colour twisty elastics | Katie Eary neon cuffs | Bimba y Lola blue logo necklace | Paul Andrew purple heels

Jeremy Scott sequined one-shouldered dress | Katie Eary neon yellow bracelet | Claire’s necklaces | Public Desire black strappy heels | Stylist’s own pink sunglasses

Fyodor Golan gold foil jacket | Asceno neon yellow bikini top | Kahleda Rajab + Fahad Almarzouq visor at General eyewear

Katie Eary goldfish pajama bra top | Fyodor Golan golden ruffles denim with black chain | Nicopanda silver bracelet | Monreal blue sunshade | Chiara Ferragni golden snow boots | Nicopanda silver pouch | Pixie’s own white earrings

House of Harlot white halter latex top | Asceno neon yellow bikini bottom | Fyodor Golan woman-printed denim with pink chain | Salice orange ski goggles from General eyewear | Public Desire nude pointy heels

Photographer: Hannah Diamond
Stylist: Louby Mcloughlin
Makeup: Thuy Le using Bobbi Brown Cosmetics
Hair: Larry King at Streeters
Nails: Maddy Ayers of WAH London

Shot at The Cuckoo Club in London

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