Peyton Gilliland Buried Bad Things From the Past With ‘Funeral’

Peyton Gilliland continues taking firm steps toward the consolidation of her musical project. Songs like ‘Devil’s Daughter’ or ‘Favorite Nightmare’ have given her success and recognition in the industry. With that impulse, the pop rock prodigy girl presents her new single, Funeral, a song about shedding your past and being your true self.


“It’s the classic coming-of-age story with a different metaphor. The idea is to bury the past and move forward with the lessons it taught in order to be stronger and better.” Peyton said.

Under the dirt, all my bad decisions

All of the lies buried deep inside

I’m wearing black for the girl we used to know

I cross my heart

Light a candle and just blow

It’s a funeral

It’s what we came here for

Our last goodbye

That girl has got to die

Don’t care if you don’t cry at all

It’s a funeral

Peyton never ceases to amaze with her ability to compose deep, accurate lyrics that have the ability to connect with experiences that we’ve all gone through in some way. Two of her songs were named finalists in the famed John Lennon International Songwriting Contest and the International Songwriting Competition. Peyton Gilliland’s soul-drenched vocals ebb and flow, singing cathartic and expressive melodies and enticing the listener with every note.

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