The Perfect Gifts to Buy Your WASPy Mother

There is nothing worse than buying someone a bad gift. Especially if this someone is your WASPy (White Anglo-Saxon Protestant, a.k.a. preppy and rich af) mother. This lady who lunches will find anything from last season unwearable. Here are some suggestions on what to buy your mom that will hopefully squeeze a smile on her heavily botoxed face.

1. Scarves

Scarves are a WASP’s finest accessory, like miniature dogs are a reality star’s. I’m not talking about a thick wooly scarf from Urban Outfitters, I’m talking about a silk scarf that has a flower print all over it. They might not fulfill their purpose of keeping your mom warm but they sure do look fab. Some can be pretty $$$ but Alexander McQueen’s skull prints are somewhat reasonable and will make her feel hip.

2. Home is where the heart is 

Every mom, WASPy or not, loves gifts for the home. Therefore, you are bound to tick the boxes at William Sonoma or The White Company. Although your mom probably already has a full silverware kit for her seven-course dinners, there are lots of gift options such as Christmas hampers, Egyptian cotton towels and more.

3. Spa Day

Who doesn’t love being pampered? With your moms stressful social calendar she has earned herself a day of relaxation. Find a calming spa just outside whatever city she resides in to give the full staycay effect. If those options are slim, I am sure there is a hotel spa which is up to her standard such as The Plaza in New York. She will really appreciate that you know just how stressful her day to day hustle is.

4. For the guests

Wasps love to host, whether it be afternoon tea or dinner parties. So you can never have enough coffee table books for her guests to flick through whilst pretending to be interested in current affairs. Rizzoli’s bookstore will certainly have a good selection. I would suggest one on the subject of travel or art.

5. Conforming for a day

To be honest, this might be your best bet. Realistically your interests and hobbies are quite different from your WASPy mom. I, for one, struggled with sitting through three hour rigid lunches after touring galleries and exhibitions all day. So why not clear your schedule for a day after xmas and create an itinerary that she would love. Spending quality time doing what she wants to do will reassure her that she shouldn’t lose all faith in you becoming the next Kate Middleton.

6. Personalize 

If you are totally out of all options make a photo book. Your mom definitely brags about you when she is with her friends and having a photo album at the ready is every mothers dream. Macbook’s iphoto is super easy to use and will create your photo album for you without hassle. Obviously try to avoid any pics of you with your fluorescent bra poking through your top or you looking severely hungover from last night’s bender.

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