Most people actually use Tinder more when they’re home for the holidays

We always thought the best practice for hometown Tindering was just not to do it. Nobody wants to run into their high school crush or their high school nemesis on a dating app.

But it turns out, we’re in the minority. Almost six out of 10 Tinder users — 57% to be exact — use dating apps more when they’re home for the holidays.

Verizon’s go90, the network behind “Relationship Status,” polled almost 9,000 single mobile millennials across the U.S. and found that yes, there are a lot of psychos out there who might actually prefer hometown Tindering.

So why would someone willingly subject themselves to the hometown Tinder experience? The only explanation we can think of is that they got hotter after high school ended, in which case, thot it up, you sexy butterfly! Just make sure to neg the shit out of anyone who didn’t know you existed in high school. It’s only fair.

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