Mega-oversized clutch bags are about to be everywhere

Giant clutches were seen all over the runway during Paris Fashion Week, and we mean giant.

The likes of Chanel and Margiela (are we surprised?) are creating oversized clutches that caught my eye on the runway. Big deal fashion bloggers are obsessed and are already donning them on Instagram.


But, I can’t help but feel like these are insanely difficult to carry and even more difficult to bring into *the clurb* or on a casual outing.

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I don’t exactly know how to feel about these bags, because clutches are already enough of a hassle. Why supersize them? While they are cute as hell, and anything Chanel gets a vote in my book, they also look really annoying.

Do you really want to lug these mega-bags around?

Fashion blogger Courtney Trop makes a great point that her oversized Margiela clutch could double as a pillow. A bag I can use to sleep comfortably on the subway is a bag you can sign me up for.

The other issue with the oversized clutch is whether or not you can pull it off in a normal setting. Sure, it looks great on models on the runway and bloggers in staged photos, but could I tote it to dinner?

The answer, in my opinion, is yes! The whole point of fashion is to take risks and have fun, so why not try bringing a giant clutch to your next family get together! You’ll be the cool cousin who slays at the potluck more than anyone else, and nothing is better than slaying in front of family.

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If carrying a designer backpack isn’t cool enough for you anymore, buy yourself a designer oversized clutch. They most likely have the same amount of room with a fresher look.

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No, you don’t have to be an it-girl to pull off this trend. Once these bags hit the market, they are fair game. And once they hit the market, you know that some well-priced dupes are on the way. In a few months, you might find an oversized clutch at Forever 21 for $10.99.

So really, there’s no excuse for you not to try out this trend. I expect to see us all hauling these back-breakers in the months to come!

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