Omar Montes is the ultimate embodiment of urban grit and blazing determination, with a deep desire to take his music to groundbreaking levels and unapologetic rawness. With a voice that oozes authenticity and a stage presence that commands attention, this Spanish sensation has taken the world by storm with his dynamic fusion of flamenco, trap, and international urban influences. He is the true epitome of an artist who has risen from the ashes of a tough upbringing to become one of our time’s most original and talked-about musicians. Montes is more than just a musician; he is a style icon, a trailblazer redefining what it means to be cool in the 21st century. Whether performing on stage or walking the streets of Madrid, he exudes confidence and a swagger that are impossible to ignore.  From his unique fashion sense to his signature tattoos and powerful physique, Montes is a force to be reckoned with. He represents the perfect blend of street smarts, sophistication, innovation, and tradition.

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A man who grew up in Pan Bendito, one of Madrid’s toughest neighborhoods, knowing hunger and the deepest need to grow out of misery and constant bullying, Montes doesn’t seem interested in being perceived as anything but himself. He talks comfortably about a childhood marked by worry, fear, and the certainty that he would be teased and abused. “I would have done it too,” he says, forgiving his tormentors. “I was fat and looked very different from the other kids.” They taunted him with words such as “moro” (a slur for Arab) or “gitano” (gypsy). He experienced firsthand poverty and constant bullying, yet instead of letting those challenges define him, he channeled his energy into sports – becoming a boxing champion with 100 fights under his belt. When music called, Montes was ready to apply the same determination that had made him such an accomplished boxer, bringing that same drive and determination to each song that had made him successful in the ring.

Photographer : @pelayoalvest Wardrobe stylist: @twinsstylist

More than anything, it wasn’t something new. He started singing in the street as a tween, dreaming of a better path than the one that had led many of his friends to jail or death. “Although at the beginning it was tough, we have worked hard, and we have worked hard so that today, Omar Montes is a musical reference in this country,” he says. At 12 years old, he would record his versions of his favorite songs on a computer he and his friends found in the garbage. When he told his dad about his musical dreams, they made a deal, young Omar would perform on the streets of Madrid´s tourist areas, and if he made good money, he could get singing lessons. Soon, he was hired to perform at his neighbor’s family parties. He knew then that music was his whole life. But boxing came first, then all kinds of sports. Right now, he is fascinated by mixed martial arts. When the entertainment world came to his door, he was already the Spanish Welterweight boxing champion, with 100 fights behind him and 99 technical knockouts. He had just released his first song and video, “Mentiras,” when he was invited to participate in reality TV shows such as the Spanish versions of Big Brother and Survivor.

Photographer : @pelayoalvest

He started to believe that he could live off his music with the release in 2017 of “Conmigo,” a song with Moncho Chavea, whose video now has 41 million views on YouTube. His first big break came with the single “La Rubia (Remix 2)” and the release of his first album: La Vida Mártir plus the release of “Alocao,” a four-time platinum winning song, with rapper Bad Gyal, which stayed at number one for several weeks in Spain´s music charts. Montes’ music reflects his journey, featuring lyrics that draw from his upbringing in Madrid’s Pan Bendito neighborhood. Today, Omar Montes is an inspiring force in Latin music with his charismatic stage presence and genre-defying sound. His eclectic fusion of flamenco, trap, and international urban influences inspires audiences worldwide. He has earned recognition for his ability to combine these disparate styles into a cohesive whole successfully. From the haunting melodies of “El Favor” to catchy hooks in “Alocao,” Montes’ soundscapes are atmospheric, powerful, and deeply personal. His powerful voice is the cornerstone of his sound, conveying raw emotion rooted in his experiences.

Photographer : @pelayoalvest

His latest critically acclaimed album, Quejíos de un Maleante, is an intense exploration of life in Madrid’s most vulnerable neighborhoods that showcases Montes’ signature style and unapologetic authenticity. The album has amassed over 137 million streams on Spotify alone. 

With this album I take with me my good friends, unique experiences and above all I take with me music that fills the soul. Nothing like carrying something that is personal in your heart,” notes Montes.

Collaborations have been an integral part of Montes’ meteoric rise to fame, including Spain’s finest, longtime and childhood friend C. Tangana, Ana Mena, Quevedo and in Quejíos de un Maleante, which features collaborations with Puerto Rican Urban superstar Farruko and flamenco icon Farruquito, allowing him to reach new audiences while expanding his already eclectic mix of influences. With “Desesperado,” Montes and Farruquito create a haunting flamenco-infused ballad that showcases Montes’ vocal range and emotional depth. A mix of influences. 

Through collaborations with other artists, he has expanded his sound and reached new audiences while cementing himself as an experimental artist who doesn’t hesitate to push musical boundaries. With hit singles like “Alocao” and “La Rubia (Remix 2)” under his belt and collaborations with some of Latin music’s biggest names, Montes is taking the industry by storm. 

Montes has achieved great success yet stays true to his roots. He is still a regular in Pan Bendito, his beloved neighborhood, drawing inspiration from those who helped shape him growing up. For Montes, music is an opportunity to tell his story and those of people like him and teach the world the many facets of flamenco, one song at a time. 


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