This Olympic Diving Duo Was Just Torn Apart By a One Night Stand

I think we can all agree that getting sexiled sucks, but it’s probably a little worse when it happens right before one of the biggest days of your life.

This is what happened to Giovanna Pedroso, a synchronized diver from Brazil, when she went back to her room on the night before her event finals to find that her partner was having a “marathon sex session” with a canoeist named Pedro that was so good she needed the room all to herself for the rest of the night.

To be fair, at least Pedro is really hot, even if the sport he competes in is super not.


Pedroso was left roomless and the pair ended up coming in dead last for their event.

They’ve also announced that they won’t be competing together as a team anymore. No, like dead ass, they are never competing together again.

Let this be a lesson to you all: sexiling hurts.


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